Tubing - rules for safe tubing

With such a novelty as tubing, the life of lovers of skis and snowboards became more saturated, and the kids got a wonderful toy, which is much more convenient than sledges. On "cheesecake" with pleasure, both children and adults ride, the choice of models is huge, and manufacturers continue to produce new ones. But are they so safe, as the sellers assure?

What is tubing?

The unusual term is like the English word "trumpet" and means riding on inflatable sleds on snow or water. They are still affectionately called "cheesecake", "bagels" and toboggan. Tubing is an excellent entertainment, both in winter and in summer, even models for several people are provided. Special coating reduces friction during sliding and sets a huge speed. Recognized pluses of tubing tubing:

The danger of riding on tubing

With all its advantages, tubing has also negative aspects, which are also worth considering. Although the manufacturers assure the safety of new models, problems with them arise, and there are several such:

  1. Too much descent speed.
  2. Absence of brakes.
  3. Unable to manage the tool.

The higher the speed, the greater the collision impact force. If the hill is high, and the rider is heavy, the risk of injury increases several times. Doctors recommend using children's tubes on low hills, without obstacles, which are easily thrown out of the road. And they advise you to teach the child how to fall correctly, this is best taught in judo or sambo sports sections.

In order to minimize the occurrence of injury during tubing, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Use tubes only on the tracks.
  2. Do not ride the crowd on a sled designed for one person.
  3. Choose not steep slides, ideal descent - with a slope of up to 20 degrees.
  4. Do not tie a cable to a car or a motorcycle to ride.

Rules for riding on tubing

If you follow the rules of use, skating on tubing will be safe. Protecting against impacts to the ground, the product can not protect the owner in collisions, therefore it is necessary to explain to the child what can not be done. Forbidden:

  1. Tubing in the same company as the owners of iron sledges.
  2. Go off the hill with a "locomotive", hooking several toboggans at once.
  3. Release during descent of the handle.
  4. Ride standing or lying down.
  5. Sit in company sled, designed for one.
  6. Brake feet when descending.
  7. Drive off icy slopes or jumps.

How to choose a tubing for skiing?

Tubing for skiing can be bought and two-seat, designed even triple models, but you need to consider the total weight. Many parents believe that the developers took care of all the security measures, but this is not so, you have to approach the purchase no less carefully than to purchase the car. How to choose the tube correctly?

  1. Consider the growth of someone who will ride. If the growth is up to 100 centimeters, the diameter of the toy should be about 85 centimeters. In toboggan for two, the length increases to 120 centimeters, it is absolutely necessary to buy a model with four handles.
  2. The landing place is wide.
  3. It is best to buy tubing with zippers that cover the holes for the camera. The lacing can be untied, and the velcro will be covered with snow.
  4. The material of the cover must be strong, the best PVC fabric is considered.
  5. The cable for dragging a toboggan should be up to 150 centimeters, the fastening that allows changing the rope is optimal.
  6. Consider the density of the tissue. If you plan to skate a couple of times a week, a low-density material is suitable, if - every day, it's worth buying with a big one. Fans of ice hills better buy a tube with a plastic bottom.

How to pump tubing?

The safety of a skier directly depends on whether the tube is properly inflated. What you need to know about how to inflate the tube? The instruction is very simple:

  1. Spread out the cover by choosing a flat surface.
  2. Place the chamber so that the valve is placed inwards and downwards.
  3. Pump until the camera completely fills the case.
  4. Disconnect the pump, check the tightness of the valve. Be sure to close it or lace up.

How to blow off tubing at home?

Lower the "cheesecake", too, you need to competently. How to blow off the tubing, the instruction explains briefly: do the same actions as when inflating, only in the reverse order. Experienced users give such advice:

How to store tubing in the summer?

Toboggan - a toy is not very expensive, but not cheap, especially if you choose high quality goods. Its great convenience is that in the summer the tube takes up much less space than the sled, but it is necessary to disassemble the "cheesecake" correctly. Then it will serve not one year. Where and how to store tubing in the summer? Some valuable tips for its packaging:

  1. Remove all garbage from the sled, so as not to spoil the fabric.
  2. Dry the coating thoroughly.
  3. Pull out the camera, it is better to keep it separately so as not to damage the tube cover.
  4. Glue the cuts with glue, patches should be placed from the inside.
  5. Completely release the air, put the "cheesecake" in a bag. This will save space in the apartment and protect the toy from possible damage.