Island hoods - how to choose a stylish and functional option?

Such a device as an island exhaust has its own unique characteristics, which are worth knowing and taking into account. There are different models, suitable for numerous design ideas. During the purchase it is recommended to take into account certain rules.

Island hoods for the kitchen

To understand what the island hoods are, you need to understand the inherent basic characteristics.

  1. These devices have a special mount, through which they join the ceiling.
  2. Island Extract to the ceiling has a strictly straight design, without bends. In addition, she has a vertical airway.
  3. Many hoods are only able to remove spoiled air from the kitchen, but modern designs also have additional filtration systems. For example, filters with coal are common for more thorough cleaning.
  4. Recirculation island hoods can be dynamic, that is, during cooking, you can lower the device lower to the stove, and then return it to its original position.

If it is decided to purchase an island hood, then you need to know what parameters you should pay attention to so that the purchase does not disappoint:

  1. First, decide on the type of work, that is, the device will be a drain or recirculation system. In the first case, connection to the ventilation system is necessary and additional ducts may be needed. The installation of the second option is simpler, since the device does not interfere with natural air exchange.
  2. Of great importance are the dimensions of the hood, since it must be larger than the hob, otherwise it will not be able to cope with its task. In the standard device width can be 60, 90 and 120 cm, but do not forget about exclusive models with other parameters.
  3. After that, you should determine the performance, which is in the range of 400-1000 cubic meters per hour. For a kitchen area of ​​15 m 2 800 cubic meters per hour will suffice. Do not try to buy a more powerful hood, because it will be too loud.
  4. When choosing, take into account the noise level, which is indicated in the technical documentation. The norm is 40 dB, but 60 dB is already noisy.
  5. In the next step of the selection, you need to take into account the control method, because, for example, if the device is to be mounted to the ceiling, it will be difficult to switch on and change modes on it and remote control is needed. If the hood will be placed low, it is better to choose a modern touch control so that there are not too many buttons and pens.
  6. In order not to organize additional illumination of the island, it is recommended to choose a hood with modern diodes or halogen bulbs. They not only provide the necessary lighting, but also are economical.
  7. Be sure to evaluate the design when choosing. Today there are many different models on the market, so there should not be any problems with this item.
  8. It will not be superfluous to take into account the manufacturer, as well as popular brands are watching to ensure that the products meet the quality standards, and they also have service centers where, if necessary, they will carry out qualitative repairs.
  9. It is worth noting that some manufacturers are striving to ensure that the island hood has become a multifunctional device. For example, there are models with a flat screen, on which you can play movies or connect it to a computer. There are hoods with the "Meteo" system, which is installed outside the room and helps to know the weather forecast, as the values ​​are displayed.

Built-in island exhaust

Models built-in type are placed in suspended structures on the ceiling, which in most cases are made of plasterboard. They do not take up space in the kitchen and do not spoil the overall design of the room. A built-in hood above the island will not clutter up space. The devices can be of different sizes, have a different power range and differ in the number of filters. In addition, do not forget about modern models that are mounted in the countertop and during the work of the plate they are pushed up.

Round island extract

Models of this form are more acceptable for the island headset, and experts say that this form allows the air in the room to move faster. Round island hoods for the kitchen are presented in different designs and even with original designs. The advantages of products of this form include:

  1. Harmoniously combined with other elements of the kitchen: a round table, a sink, dishes and so on.
  2. The manufacture of round hoods consumes less material, so their price depends more on the capacity and quality of cleaning.
  3. Models of this form are more compact, which is ideal for island cuisine.

Dome island hoods

Models of this type have a three-dimensional shape, which in most cases is similar to a hemisphere or a trapezoid. This device is also called an umbrella hood. Thanks to this design, the island hood in the kitchen allows the installation of powerful fans and quality filters, which is important for the effective operation of the device. Cleaning with dome hoods can take place in two ways: through recirculation of air and by connecting to a ventilation shaft. In island models, the first option is used.

Rating island hoods

Every year more and more models of island type extracts appear on the market. According to reviews the best are such options:

  1. Siemens LC 95950. The device has a simple shape with clear and straight lines. The case is made of unpainted stainless steel. This hood above the kitchen island has excellent technical characteristics, so the maximum capacity is 800 cubic meters per hour.
  2. Cata Isla Gamma / B. This drawer has a width of 90 cm, and for its production, unpainted stainless steel was used. The maximum capacity is 990 cubic meters per hour.
  3. Elica Jasmine PEARL F / 50. An island extract of a unique design that resembles a truncated cone with pearl ornament. Its width is 500 mm, and the productivity is 600 cubic meters per hour.

Island hoods in the interior

When selecting the hood, attention should be paid not only to technical characteristics, but also to the design, so that it fits perfectly into the kitchen and does not stand out from the general style. There are island hoods made of copper, stainless steel, plastic and other materials. It is worth noting a wide selection of colors, so, in addition to traditional options, you can find exotic shades. Unusually look combinations of different textures and shapes. Manufacturers produce original island hoods with lighting, drawings and various accessories.

Classic island hood

Among the presented on the market assortment you can choose a model for almost any style and furniture set. Classical island hood remains the most popular, and it is perfectly combined with massive painted boxes. As for color, it is traditionally white, black, brown and gray. In the obligatory case, the height to the island hood should be taken into account, so if the electric stove is used, the value should be 65-75 cm, and if a gas stove is installed, the height is greater and is 75-85 cm.

Island black extract

The product of black color is popular due to the fact that it perfectly fits any design style. Such a hood above the island in the kitchen ensures the completion of the overall composition, it is easy to take care of, because the dark surface is not so noticeable pollution. The design can have various decorative details, for example, metal inserts, patterns, glass details and so on.

Island white extract

Another universal option, since white is also suitable for different styles: classics, modern , provence , minimalism and so on. Such extracts for the kitchen island are suitable for premises decorated in different colors, because it can, as well as merge with the general background, and be a bright accent. If desired, the white hood can be decorated, for example, by applying a pattern on it that will fit the chosen interior.