Knitted cardigans - the most stylish, fashionable and beautiful models

The versatility of the wardrobe is an indispensable quality for fashionistas in the trend. It is so convenient when clothes can perform several functions simultaneously. And if the stylish design does not lose popularity with the years, then such a solution will become a wand-zashchalochka, which saves space in the cabinet and budget. A vivid example of such clothes were knitted cardigans.

Fashion knitted cardigans

A feminine and elegant wardrobe made of yarn is considered both an outer clothing and a stylish addition. Elongated women's knitted cardigans are incredibly popular due to their practicality, convenience, comfort and unique design. Due to a wide variety of fashionable styles, the way of knitting and decorative ideas, this choice will be the key to the successful image of a self-confident fashionista. Individuality and eccentricity will help emphasize not only the model, but also the color solution:

Long knitted cardigan

If for you the most important quality in the image is femininity , then the best solution is to choose a long style. Since this type of wardrobe in a standard form involves cutting the minimum to the hip, the long female knitted cardigan is a model ranging from calf to ankles. This option looks very beautiful in unbuttoned form. Then the hem is beautifully fluttering, accentuating the flying easy gait. Designers offer elegant models with a straight silhouette, which, if desired, can be supplemented with a stylish belt or belt.

Knitted cardigan with hood

Warm sweaters of an elongated cut from yarn assume complete comfort and coziness in the image. But even more practical and reliable will be your bow, if you choose a model, complemented by an accessory on your head. Women's knitted cardigans with a hood became a popular subject of top demi-season clothing. Fashion designers insulate such products with fur or fleece lining, which implies their use in dry weather in late autumn and early spring. Option without podstezhki suitable for a warmer season. And the patterns of open-work binding will be a stylish protection in the cool summer evenings.

Large knitted cardigan

Fashion models of the last collections are models made by volume knitting or from dense yarn. The awkwardness created by such clothes, once again emphasizes femininity, fragility and elegance. The easiest option was a knitted cardigan made of thick yarn. Designers offer such models, both in elongated and shortened cuts, and in beautiful monochrome colors. If you are looking for a more interesting and unusual design, you should look at models with a volumetric pattern - braids, cones, bundles and other.

Knitted fishnet cardigans

Lovers of romantic and delicate onions are the actual solution will be models of airy and fine yarn. Beautiful knitted cardigans are presented from the connected openwork motifs with a floral, fruit or abstract theme. Fashion trends in recent seasons have become unique products in the technique of Irish lace. For the summer season, the masters offer cotton and silk fabrics with lacy knitting. For the cold season, mohair and angora become actual.

Knitted Cardigan Lalo

A product that has not stopped producing a furore for several years in a row has become a voluminous long jacket with an abstraction from textured large braids. Stylish knitted cardigans Lalo are presented with elegant styles in the floor. The minimum length of such products is a hem that covers the buttocks. Notoriety and originality of popular clothes became color. Modelers offer beautiful gradient transitions in a single color scheme or saturated multicolored ombre. However, the monochrome bright or pastel design looks stylish.

Knitted cardigan without sleeves

The most versatile, suitable for any season of the product, was the style without detail on the hands. Such knitted cardigans for girls are represented by models of raglan with a narrowed shoulder line, a sleeveless dress with a smooth cut along the shoulder and a short sleeve t-shirt. In a warm period, such clothes will be a beautiful addition to the evening dress or the completion of the image for walks in the cool evenings. In the cold season, this element will enter the main onion wardrobe in combination with a turtleneck or golf. Designers offer an openwork design in the evening style, decorated with fringe or beads.

Knitted cardigan with fur

A fashionable and irresistible subject of the wardrobe became the combined models of yarn with fur trim. Warm knitted cardigan designers decorate both natural and artificial nap. Unnatural decor is popular in juicy and contrasting colors. Such a thing will become a beautiful accent, diluting the moroseness and gloom of the image. Fashionable natural finish is fluffy fur raccoon and fox, expensive mink and a gentle fox. Soft material can complement products in a variety of areas:

Volumetric knitted cardigan

The fashionable style of oversize has spread to knitted fashion. Knitted cardigans for women of bulk shapes do not look cumbersome, but they perfectly accentuate elegance and grace. The difference of these products are elongated sleeves, a shifted shoulder line and often asymmetric cut. A fashionable trend was beautiful and original long sweaters from Asian spikelets. This wardrobe is considered a fashionable competitor Lalo. After all, design often repeats gradient saturated and delicate colors.

Knitted cardigan with buttons

The most popular clasp of elongated jackets are buttons. This option respects a cozy design and is best combined with beautiful patterns and original knitting. Popular models of knitted cardigans are standardly supplemented with one row of five or more buttons. Original and romantic look products with one clasp. In this case, the actual became a large fittings or a barrel shape. Popularity also found a double-breasted style with buttons in two rows.

Knitted cardigan with collar

Almost all models are complemented by a collar, which often performs not so much a functional as a decorative role. The most popular are the styles with a laconic stoichkoy or a wide turndown element. But the fashion trend was the model in the male style. In such products, the main element is a chalet collar. Such warm women's knitted cardigans combine both a turn-down model and a stand.

With what to wear a knitted cardigan?

Due to a wide variety of stylish cuts and fashionable styles, yarn products have become a popular element of the women's arsenal, which has not been out of fashion for several decades. Designers offer youth knitted cardigans and more stringent models. But any variant is capable of stylishly diluting completely unexpected combinations. For today, beautiful clothes are used in almost every direction: