Locks on the windows of children - how to choose the best solution?

If the child likes to sit on the windowsill and observe what is happening on the street, it is recommended to put locks on the windows from children, which will protect you from harm. There are many different options with their own characteristics. Installation is simple and even women can cope with it.

Child lock on the windows

There are a lot of different fixators and limiters, which are united by a single name - a children's lock on the windows. It does not allow the sash to open completely, but at the same time airing is allowed. The security lock on the windows is a good protection of children from falling out, which can result in death. The products are very easy to install with the help of available tools.

Child lock on plastic windows

There are several options for protective mechanisms, which differ in the type of opening and design.

  1. Mortise. Such locks on plastic windows from children are installed at the bottom of the flap, which has a milling. The mechanism will block the turn, but at the same time it opens it for airing. The mechanism is completely hidden and only the front panel is visible.
  2. Overhead. The lock is fastened at the bottom of the window or under it, and a loop is screwed onto the frame.
  3. Power socket. To install the lock, the stationary handle is unscrewed, and a plug is put in its place. To open, a special separate handle is used, which is stored in a place that is not accessible to children.
  4. Lock on the handle. Universal child lock on windows means installing instead of the usual lever handle with a button or hole for the key. The protection is fixed, both in the closed and in the flipped position.
  5. Blockade. Lock the lock under the lower loop. If the window is folded, then it will not be possible to open it, since the leaf will be fixed. To remove the blockade, you need to close the window and click the button located at the top of the window. A key can be used to open and close the blockade.
  6. Comb. The device is installed in the profile, and the other part is attached under the handle. The comb serves to fix the window for ventilation.
  7. With a cable. The lock is suitable for a conventional and sliding window . The design has a metal cable, which limits the opening.

Children's locks for aluminum windows

Protection for the window sashes from aluminum is the same as in the case of plastic windows, so there is no point in re-describing the assortment. It is better to pay attention to the manufacturers who offer locks on aluminum windows from children (for plastic they are also suitable).

  1. ISSA. The Australian firm provides fittings with anti-corrosion treatment. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 10 years. The main direction - handles with a lock or button lock.
  2. ROTO. German manufacturer offers a wide range of security locks on different windows. In addition, the company can develop custom-made fittings at the request of the customer, but it is expensive.
  3. Baby Safe Lock. Locks of this company have a red key, which facilitates the process of monitoring its presence in the well.
  4. JACKLOC. This brand produces limiters and locks with a rope, the length of which is 20 cm, which allows to open the window by 15 cm. The products of this company have a high margin of safety.

Castle on the window from the children - which is better?

It is impossible to unequivocally answer which version of the lock is best, because each design has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice is made individually with a reference to the price, appearance, working principle and aesthetic appeal. Protective locks on the windows for children should be strong, so do not skimp on buying cheap analogs, otherwise plastic can burst at any time and children can open the window.

Installing a child lock on plastic windows

To put the protection on the window, you do not need special skills and special tools. For each mechanism, an instruction is attached, thanks to which the installation of locks on plastic windows from children is facilitated at times. It describes the sequence of actions. It is easiest to mount the handles with a lock, for which first the standard accessories are removed, and new ones with protection are attached to their place. Assistance specialist may need to install mortise locks.

Lock on the window of the children with their own hands

If there is no possibility or desire to use factory limiters, then you can make them yourself.

  1. Child lock on the sash of the window can replace the metal chain, which is used on the entrance door. It is installed at the top of the turntable. Thanks to this device, the window will not be fully opened.
  2. You can screw in the window sill to open the window. It can be self-made or use options that install for interior doors. Please note that this limiter will not allow the window to be fully opened without dismantling.