Michael Douglas confirmed that Val Kilmer can not defeat cancer

Talks about a serious illness of Val Kilmer appeared several years ago. In this case, the actor himself, who was melting before his eyes, denied any health problems. Last night, Michael Douglas, who is associated with Kilmer not only working relationship, but friendship, said that Val has a throat cancer.

One misfortune

72-year-old Michael Douglas met with journalist Jonathan Ross for an interview at the Theater Royal Drury Lane. During the many hours of conversation, the men managed to talk about many things and accidentally touched upon the health of 56-year-old Val Kilmer.

Ross asked Douglas about his work with Kilmer in the movie "Ghost and Darkness" in 1996. Answering the question, the actor said that Val courageously battles with throat cancer and, unfortunately, his current condition leaves much to be desired:

"The picture did not receive the recognition we expected, but I had a great time on the set. Val is just a terrific guy who now is fighting the same misfortune that I had to face (Michael was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in 2011). So far, he has a lot of problems. We pray for him. That's why about Vela little heard recently. "

Healthy like a bull

It is not known whether Douglas made this recognition on his own initiative or with the permission of a friend. After all, Kilmer, despite the tracheotomy tube in his throat, insisted that he was fine, repeating endlessly:

"I do not have cancer or a tumor."
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In addition, unlike his friend, Michael openly talks about cancer, about what he had to endure and about the important support that his wife Katherine and their children had to him.