Michael Jackson in his youth

This year, 58 years old would be filled with the King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson. And let him long gone in this world, in hearts and memory he remains with millions of fans. I do not want to talk about sad things. It is better to remember Michael Jackson in his youth, in those years when the young star was just beginning to shine in the sky.

The Secret of Michael Jackson's Childhood

He was the eighth child in the family. His parents, Katherine and Joseph, had 9 children. Of course, very few of them know what true parental love is : someone was paid more attention, someone was completely forgotten about someone. Michael himself repeatedly in his interviews argued that his father did not show him a single drop of love. He not only humiliated him, but repeatedly raised his hand to his son. Once, in the middle of the night, when all the children slept, the father, wearing a terrible mask, made his way to them through the window, frightening everyone to death. He explained his act in such a way that, allegedly, he wanted to teach his children and once again showed how important it is to remember to close the window for the night.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993, Jackson said that in his childhood he felt incredibly lonely, and to his father it was difficult for him to feel even a little warm feelings.

The Youth of Michael Jackson

Since childhood, he and his brothers have performed in the band "The Jacksons" and after a while Michael was the main vocalist. Soon their first four singles made the band incredibly popular. A young Michael Jackson was impossible not to notice: the audience, he remembered his manner of dancing and behavior on stage.

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In 1978, the young singer was shot in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical "Viz" along with Diana Ross. This period became a turning point in the life of a young star. So, on the set of the musical, he gets acquainted with the musical director Quincy Jones, who will later become the producer of his most famous albums.