Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban showed grown-up daughters

Other people's children are growing really fast! This was clearly demonstrated by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, appearing in Sydney's air haven along with their daughters 8-year-old Sunday Rose and 6-year-old Feith Margaret.

Traveling as a family

On Sunday, the paparazzi captured the star family of 49-year-old Nicole Kidman, when she, along with her beloved husband and two daughters flew to Australia from the United States. The actress and musician, holding the hands of Sanday Rose and Feith Margaret, left the building of the Sydney airport.

Photos of the babies dressed in identical denim waistcoats, have delighted admirers of pair who have started to discuss appearance of girls who have considerably grown up since the last visit on the native land.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman with their daughters at Sydney Airport

Copies of Mom

In the photos of Sunday Rose, dressed in a soft pink dress with a skirt and blue leggings, and her little sister Faith Margaret in a blue lace dress and black elk, born of a surrogate mother, but still a biological child of Kidman and Urban, proudly walked alongside with parents.

6-year-old Faith Margaret with Dad

The eldest daughter of Nicole and Kita, who is only 8 years old, already gets to the shoulder of the pope, and the youngest, who is 6, also tries to keep up with her sister. Apparently, the girls will be as tall as their mom, whose height is about 180 centimeters. In addition to the fragile figure, Sanday Rose and Feith Margaret inherited Nicole's faceted features, although they are similar to Dad.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman with their daughters

Kidman, according to fans, looked delicious, to match the daughters of women of fashion. On the actress was a stylish look, consisting of a creamy midi dress, a beige coat with a belt and embroidered ballet from Tabitha Simmons.

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By the way, in an interview, Nicole admitted that Sanday Rose is already dreaming of a modeling career. Well, she has all the data for this.