Jelly Coke

Recipe jelly Coca-Cola has become literally viral throughout the Internet. Hundreds of popular authors created their own variations in cooking technology, but the result remains the same - a dense and sweet jelly with a cola taste that can be given any shape (most often bottles).

Jelly Coke - recipe in a bottle

Let's start with the very same recipe for classic jelly with a cola taste, the consistency of which resembles stiff chewing sweets. An interesting treat is prepared from just a couple of ingredients.



After pouring cola into the saucepan, heat it and sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of gelatin. Leaving the pan on low heat, cook the jelly from the cola until the gelatinous granules are completely dissolved. During the cooking, the cola itself thickens noticeably and begins to boil. Hardly cool the resulting mixture and pour into the bottle from under the drink. Leave the jelly in the refrigerator until it freezes, then gently cut the bottle, trying not to break the integrity of the jelly itself, and remove it from the mold.

Taking as a basis this recipe, you can give ready-made jelly any shape, for example, by making jelly "worms" or other candies from Coca-Cola.

How to make jelly Coke - recipe

This version of the cola differs from the previous one with its technology. Here gelatin should be added to the solution already swollen, and before mixing the solution with cola, the drink is mixed separately, trying to get rid of the maximum number of bubbles that can adversely affect the final texture of the jelly.

Thanks to the addition in the form of lemon jelly, the finished bottle has a color gradient.



Before you prepare a jelly Coke, stir well the drink, trying to get rid of the bubbles as much as possible. Soak half the gelatin in water, and then melt over medium heat until the crystals disappear. Combine the jelly with the cola and pour into the split in half a bottle of cola. Let it freeze.

Mix the lemon jelly with the remaining gelatin, add a glass of hot water to the mixture and mix, completely dissolving the crystals. Cut off the top of the jelly bottle of cola and pour in lemon jelly instead. Leave until completely congealed.