Pigmented spots on the face - causes and treatment

The skin tone and its uniformity is controlled by melanin. Under the influence of various factors, the production and concentration of this substance in different parts of the epidermis can be disrupted. It is important to find out the nature of such changes and to establish why the pigment spots on the face are formed - the causes and treatment of this cosmetic defect are in close interrelation. In some cases, a thorough examination and assistance of a dermatologist will be required, while other pigmentation varieties do not require therapy.

The causes of the appearance of various pigment spots on the face

The effects that provoke the problem in question correspond to the pigmentation species. There are 6 types of disturbance of production and accumulation in the skin of melanin:

In the first case, the causes of the differently colored pigment spots on the face are caused by mechanical damage to the skin (wounds, burns, cuts) of the skin or its traumatization as a result of inflammatory processes.

Freckles occur against the background of insolation, so their number increases, and the shade becomes brighter or darker during the period of solar activity. In autumn and winter they can disappear completely.

Lentigo is if there are age spots on the face. Female organism after 40 years produces too much melanin, which does not have time to distribute evenly. In addition, during this period there is a hormonal adjustment, which also contributes to the formation of pigmented areas.

The exact reasons for the appearance of birthmarks and moles have not yet been established, they probably arise against the background of genetic heredity, under the influence of ultraviolet light, imbalance of hormones.

Chloasma, as a rule, occurs in pregnant women. Such violations of pigmentation are temporary, they are caused by hormonal changes in the body.

The causes of vitiligo are not yet known to science. There are suggestions that there is a hereditary predisposition to this pathology.

Other factors that can cause hyperpigmentation:

Treatment of pigment spots on the face with medicines

For effective therapy of cosmetic defects, it is necessary to know exactly the cause of their appearance, so you will have to visit a dermatologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist and gastroenterologist. After revealing the provoking factors, the treatment of the identified diseases is carried out, which caused the formation of melanin accumulations. Any medicines and therapeutic regimens are prescribed only by specialists, self-administration of medications is dangerous.

In addition, it is possible to treat the spots on the face locally at home, for example, apply bleaching creams:

Treatment of pigment spots on the face with peelings and laser

The most effective and modern methods of combating the described problems assume intense discoloration of zones with excessive melanin content.

In the cosmetologist's office, the following peelings can be made:

Phototherapy is also used to discolor melanin accumulations.

The most effective treatment is the age and other types of pigment spots on the face of the laser. Such an effect is also called grinding, because in the process of skin treatment layers of the epidermis with excessive pigmentation are gradually removed.