Rashes under the breast

Any skin disease can affect the décolleté area and the area under the breast. Many women face similar problems that not only look unaesthetic, but can be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms in the form of itching and redness. Therefore, it is important to immediately show the rash under the breast to a dermatologist - only a specialist will be able to accurately find out the factor provoking the appearance of rashes.

Possible causes of rash under the breast

The simplest and most common cause of the defect in question is the wearing of a tight bra. When buying underwear, you must pay attention to the correspondence of its dimensions to the real volumes. Also it is necessary to choose bras from natural and soft fabrics.

Another frequent problem, especially in women with large breasts, is irritation. It arises from the secretion of sweat in the crease formed under the mammary gland.

Other reasons:

  1. Allergy. It looks like a small red rash under the chest, over time the pimples turn into vesicles. After they burst, the rashes are covered with crusts.
  2. Dermatological diseases. It can be psoriasis , dermatitis, eczema, dermatosis.
  3. Infectious and fungal diseases. In such cases, the rash under the breast is itchy, the skin is strongly flaky, eventually becomes covered with painful sores. Sometimes the local body temperature rises.

It should be noted that the rash may also indicate more serious pathologies, such as mastitis, breast cancer, Paget's disease , a decrease in the lumen of the milk ducts.

What if there is a rash under the right or left breast?

The main thing - do not panic, do not self-medicate and make an appointment with a dermatologist at the nearest reception.

Before consulting a doctor, follow these tips:

  1. Carefully adhere to the rules of personal hygiene.
  2. Stop using any makeup for the body.
  3. Wear underwear made of natural materials.
  4. Apply a compress to the breast with ordinary warm water.