Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande became the most popular in Instagram

The results of the outgoing year are brought not only by glossy magazines and solid financial publications, but also by social networks, without which it is now difficult to imagine our life. So, one of the most popular sites for communication Instagram announced the most popular accounts of 2017, which belong to the world stars.

Top 10 Instagram Leaders

1 place

As in the past year, the most popular in the social network was Selena Gomez. For its tape, 130 million subscribers follow. For comparison, in 2016 it was signed by 103 million people.

Selena Gomez
Photo from Instagram Selena Gomez

2nd place

The father of many children, Cristiano Ronaldo, recently recognized by Forbes as the highest-paid football player, thanks to an extraordinarily active addition to the family (he can not have three children in one year), increased the army of his followers from 82.8 million in 2016 to 116 million in 2017. This allowed the Portuguese to rise from the sixth place in the list to the second.

Cristiano Ronaldo

3rd place

And closes the top three Ariana Grande, who for a long time held the second position, but was forced to cede under the onslaught of progeny progeny Cristiano Ronaldo. She has 115 million subscribers.

Ariana Grande

4 place

Beyonce, despite the birth of twins, a rich creative and personal life, with 108 million followers only in the fourth position.


5 place

Kim Kardashian, whom many consider to be the real queen of Instagram, is on the fifth line. The reality TV star has a little more than 104 million followers, but she does not lose hope that next year, having become a mother for the third time through surrogate motherhood, will be interesting to more users.

Kim Kardashian

6 place

Taylor Swift, which last year, owned the silver rating, slid from the second position to the sixth. After the hype surrounding her parting with Calvin Harris and enmity with Katy Perry, the girl has minimized her activity in social networks. At the moment, the singer has 104 million subscribers to Instagram.

Taylor Swift

7 place

Kylie Jenner is seventh with the result of 99.5 million readers.

Kylie Jenner

8th place

On the eighth line is another representative of men-celebrities Duane Johnson. For his personal life, the blockbuster stars are closely watched by 96 million of his fans.

Dwayne Johnson

9th place

Justin Bieber, who abandoned the concert activity, but again happy in love, reunited with Selena Gomez, the ninth with a result of 93.9 million admirers.

Justin Bieber
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10th place

The highest paid model of 2017, the third member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan in the list, Kendall Jenner is the last in the hot ten. She has 84.8 million followers.

Kendall Jenner