Shaker for sports nutrition

Many people know that the shaker is used by bartenders for virtuosic mixing of cocktails. But the fact that such a thing is indispensable for those who regularly attend the gym, not all are aware of the fact that they adhere to sports nutrition. But meanwhile, people who watch their body and control the growth of muscle mass, it is sometimes difficult to do without it. Shaker for sports nutrition is a convenient and practical accessory that can help in the observance of the regime and proper nutrition. But since today in stores a large selection of such devices, it is not surprising and bewildered among such diversity. Before buying, you need to determine exactly which shaker you need.

How to choose a shaker for sports nutrition?

The mixing capacity of sports protein cocktails in appearance and internal device is very similar to an ordinary bar shaker. The body is most often plastic (silicone) or metal, inside there is a special mesh and ball, due to which there is a uniform mixing of the drink. With the help of such an accessory, you can prepare a fresh cocktail in "field" conditions very quickly and efficiently without much effort.

To answer the question, which shaker for sports nutrition is better to choose, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The mesh inside should not be with too large or small cells to carefully break up the lumps of the mixture, and do not clog.
  2. It is better to give preference to a swirling container, rather than closing with a button, especially if the athlete uses effervescent cocktails.
  3. Shakers can be with two, three or four cameras, it is better to choose an accessory with a large number of compartments, so that you can separately put in them the components of the cocktail - powders, capsules, amino acids or already finished portion of the drink as a backup.
  4. The volume of the shaker can also be different; for preparation of simple cocktails it is better to choose a model for five hundred milliliters; for gayners - by seven hundred milliliters.
  5. Well, if the measuring scale is applied to the wall of the accessory, it will be more convenient to measure the required amount of the drink and monitor its consumption.

Metal shaker for sports nutrition

Some athletes claim that the best shaker for sports nutrition - with a metal body. Indeed, this accessory can find a lot of advantages, for example, inside it does not form an unpleasant smell, it does not give cocktails foreign taste, does not have small parts on the body, which can break off, it is easy to wash, it is difficult to damage. However, in fact, the difference in these indicators between the silicone shaker and its analogue of metal is not so great. Just the second option looks more solid, weighs a little more and is more durable.

How to use a shaker for sports nutrition?

It has already been noted that one of the main advantages of shakers for sports nutrition is the ease with which they are used. To mix protein drinks in them, you do not need to have the skills of a professional bartender. Yes, and special efforts for this will not have to be applied. Simply measure out the right amount of ingredients, open the lid, pour in water and pour in the concentrate, close, shake the container several times, if necessary - open by checking the condition of the drink and shake it a few more times. If carbonated water is used, shaking should be literally two or three, not more. It is not necessary to store a ready drink in the shaker for a long time, and the accessory itself should be changed at least every five months.