Makeup brushes

Today applying makeup is an obligatory procedure in the order of any girl. Moreover, going out on a street with a "naked" face seems to many to be unacceptable. Omitting the discussion of the validity and correctness of this judgment, let's discuss how to choose makeup brushes, with which we can emphasize our beauty.

Often, girls neglect the makeup brushes and are limited only to applicators, which supply their products to caring manufacturers, and believe that a full set of brushes is necessary only for professionals. This is not entirely true, because only high-quality brushes can make makeup as if you just visited a make-up artist.

What brushes are needed for make-up and how to use them?

1. By all rules make-up begins with the alignment of the face tone with the help of the stem. Brushes for this purpose - a thing irreplaceable and necessary in full. So, the first thing to do is to use a flat brush with a long pile. Preferably synthetic - its service life is much longer. With this brush you can quickly and efficiently apply a tonal basis. Most importantly, the movements should be light, and the cream should be driven into the skin of the face, and not smeared.

2. Then, disguise minor flaws in the face of the corrector. To do this, you will need a thin, flat brush of a small size with equally trimmed hairs. In extreme cases, it may well be replaced by the previous brush.

3. Next, fix the makeup with a light powder. To do this, take the largest dense round brush with the same length of villi. The pile can also be longer to the center of the brush and shorter to the edges. This is one of the most important tools that ensures uniform application and thorough shading of the powder. Especially work out the area between the face and neck, the border of color should not be noticeable.

4. Brushes for blush are different: either round and flat, or as for powder, only slightly smaller and domed, or beveled. With the help of blush, you can give the person a sculpture. Apply a small amount on the cheekbones and gently blend.

5. But there are a lot of types of eye makeup brushes. The main ones are: brushes for applying the basic tone, for feathering and for eyeliner:

6. Brush can be helped to clean the eyebrow brush for eyebrows. It can be given to the hairs a neat, beautiful shape. A round brush for eyelashes, reminiscent of a brush from the carcass, easily and quickly removed lumps and cunnies are divided.

7. And the last in our list - a brush for make-up of lips. This is a thin brush, similar to a tool for liquid liner. Its size is determined by the taste and habit - someone reads that only a fine brush can draw a clear contour of lips, and someone calmly copes with a medium-sized brush.

Which makeup brushes are better: natural or artificial?

Makeup artists often recommend brushes made from natural nap, and the favorite on this list is sable. However, some brushes (for example, for a voice-frequency cream and corrector, as well as a beveled eyebrow brush), it is better to be synthetic, because they will serve much more and more effective in their business. The only condition is that you should not spend money on cheap analogs. If you buy make-up brushes, whether natural or artificial, please make sure they are of good quality and note that professional tools can not be cheap.

How to wash make-up brushes?

To ensure that the brushes last long and do not harm you, they need regular care. Wash the brushes in a solution of warm water and baby shampoo. Brushes made of natural nap should not be rinsed, and synthetic ones should also be washed with hands. Dry your "wealth" in a horizontal position. You can also use professional cleaning agents, putting them on a brush and dabbing with a napkin.

We hope that now that you know about the purpose of each eye makeup brush and face, you will not underestimate the necessity of their presence in your cosmetic bag.