Sofa bed

Beautiful sofas with a large berth can easily replace a bed. In the folded form they take up little space. Modern sofa beds are equipped with various transformation mechanisms to ensure multi-use furniture. Such options are very popular for a living room or a small bedroom, they make it possible to significantly save space in the room, providing a functional place for sleep and rest.

Types of folding sofas

Most often in the interior use double sofas-beds, which allow to equip a full place for sleep with considerable space saving in the room. For a child or a teenager, there are models of a single sofa bed without one armrest, which are extended in length.

Corner sofa bed - a suitable option for a studio apartment or a small room. In the sofas, linen drawers are often built, turning soft furniture into a practical and multifunctional piece of furniture. Comfortable models of sofas are options with built-in countertops, shelves or ottomans.

Mechanisms of sofa beds

The most common mechanisms for laying out the sofas were: a book, a clap click, an eurobook, a dolphin, an accordion. The book is the most simple mechanism, it needs to raise the seat upwards until the back of the sofa is horizontal and there is a click. Then lower the seat and the entire sofa assumes a horizontal position.

Eurobook involves pulling the seat of the sofa forward, and its back is placed on the vacant seat.

The click-clap mechanism is an improved book, the back except for the vertical or horizontal position can be fixed at an angle of 45 degrees (relax mode). It is based on a metal frame, to which are attached springing wooden plates, which create an orthopedic effect. In some models, there are folding armrests.

The dolphin layout system contains a sliding panel, which, when assembled, hides beneath the seat. At the layout, it is stretched and set at the level of the main place. Angular sofas-dolphins are very common, since in the unfolded state they form a large sleeping place. The mechanism of the dolphin is one of the most durable.

Sofa-beds with an accordion design consist of a folded "accordion" back, which stretches when the seat extends and forms a solid sleeping place.

Filling the sofa seat is very important, especially when you plan to use it for sleep. The most successful variation of the transformer is a sofa bed with a modern orthopedic mattress for daily use. It provides the person with the correct position of the body during sleep. Especially useful is a mattress for children. Furniture with an orthopedic mattress is not inferior to the effectiveness of a stationary bed.

Models of mattresses come with independent springs or at all springless. In the daytime it is a comfortable soft furniture for the reception of guests or rest, and at night - a convenient place for a healthy sleep. Such a sofa supports the spine at night and promotes a full rest. Orthopedic mattresses can be equipped with any model of sofas.

A cozy house is difficult to imagine without a sofa. Sofa-bed - the most practical and convenient option for upholstered furniture in the interior. It performs several important functions in an apartment, the most basic of which is providing a comfortable place to sleep.