Wedding boots

What if such an important celebration for each girl as her own wedding falls on the cold season, or does the bride's attire require special, unusual shoes? And in that, and in another case, you should think about buying wedding boots.

Winter Wedding Boots

Even if on registration at the registry office you will be in charming shoes, and at the reception you will dance the first dance in them, the boots for the wedding will still be useful to you during skiing, walking through the most beautiful places of the city and a wedding photo session . After all, the bride at the winter wedding and so it is not sweet: a thin dress of silk and lace and, at best, a short cloak. But what can not you do for the sake of beautiful photos!

Wedding boots for winter can be made of natural or artificial leather and decorated in a variety of ways: perforations, flowers, crystals, beads. They usually do not have a warm fur lining, so they sit tightly on their feet. These boots have a very elegant form, sometimes with an elongated toe and a heel of a hairpin, so that they do not get out of the general image of the bride, but, on the contrary, harmoniously supplement it.

Wedding Lace Boots

Another type of wedding shoes are wedding lace boots. This is certainly not a very warm option. These shoes are purchased if you want to emphasize the unusual nature of the image of the bride, or, for example, if the bride does not walk too confidently on his heels. After all, the boots are much more tightly around the leg and usually they are much more resistant to the shoe. Lace boots can be completely without a heel, if the bride and groom have a small difference in growth. These boots are very light and airy, and the delicate lace or light interesting mating of such shoes gives them a truly festive look. They are often decorated with rhinestones or beads and perfectly combined with gloves, a bag and other accessories of the bride.