Women's clothing for fitness

You need to play sports in a comfortable, practical, non-skewing clothes. These truths are known to everyone, even children. Particular attention is paid to the choice of clothing for fitness and sports. They are sensitive not only to how to get health, but also in what they will look better.

Consider the main requirements and recommendations for the selection of women's clothing for fitness:

What fabrics are your clothes from?

Women's sportswear for fitness is made from combined fabrics. Synthetic, cotton and viscose are used in production. Cotton in its pure form is rarely used - it crumples, loses its shape, burns out. But in combination with synthetics, he proved himself well - more often they add lycra, thanks to which the fabric becomes elastic, beautifully emphasizes the figure and can be used for a long time. Clothing made of synthetic fabrics is also very popular, for example, it likes to wear people who dream of significantly losing weight. Popular products are made of viscose with elastane, they are more often wide, loose cut.

Types of sportswear for fitness

  1. Upper Garment:
    • top is a short T-shirt with an open abdomen;
    • T-shirt or shirt;
    • swimsuit or body;
    • A sports blouse with a three-quarter sleeve or a long one.
  2. Bottom of clothes:
    • short or long shorts;
    • leggings;
    • breeches below the knee;
    • pants are narrow and long;
    • wide pants.
  3. Fitness shoes:
    • sneakers;
    • ballet flats or Czechs;
    • sneakers;
    • sneakers .

Clothing for fitness depends on the type of training

Universal clothes for fitness have not yet been invented. Therefore, choose the equipment depending on the types of training:

  1. For practicing step aerobics or dance it will be convenient to wear long trousers or leggings with a short T-shirt or top.
  2. New types of fitness tai-bo and a-box suggest sharp movements, high flies - pick up loose clothes for the bottom and tightly fitting for the top.
  3. During the pilates or yoga sessions, the work of all the muscles should be visible, so it is preferable to stay on tight clothing.
  4. Stylish clothes are extremely necessary for dance fitness - it is cha-cha-cha, latina, belly dancing. Contestants closely follow the novelties in fashion.
  5. For aqua aerobics classes, one-piece swimsuits and silicone caps are worn.
  6. If you like to run - it's tight-fitting shorts and t-shirts or leggings.

You can consult with the trainer what to wear better, he certainly is not a beginner and will give good advice.

Fashionable clothing for fitness is properly selected, emphasizing your dignity and hiding flaws. But do not get carried away, always remember why you came to classes - the main goal is the recovery of the body and giving the figure beautiful shapes. How to choose clothes for fitness you already know, now forward - your gym is waiting!