10 tips that will save life: how to survive in a crowd during a crush?

You can get into a dangerous situation by going to a rally or a concert of your favorite group, because around a crowd of people, which sometimes becomes uncontrollable. It is important to know about the rules of behavior in such an extreme situation.

The crowd of people is a serious danger in extreme situations, as it is uncontrollable. This is the reason that dozens of people get serious injuries and even die. Crush can be triggered by different causes and arise in a second, so it is important to know the rules of behavior in such a situation to save your own life.

1. Potential hazard - obstacles

Obstacles on the road can carry a serious danger, because a person may be pressed to them. To prevent this from happening, evaluate the situation around, trying to avoid pillars, grids and various protruding objects.

2. Correct rack

In a crush, it is important not to squeeze into the gap, but to knock out for yourself a little space, so that there is more to breathe. For protection, it is recommended to bend your arms in the elbows and press them against the body to eventually obtain a certain safety zone. In this case, it is better to keep the hands in front of you, closing your fingers in the lock, thereby protecting the chest. Elbows are useful in order to "punch" your way.

3. Loosen the neck

One of the causes of death in the crowd is suffocation, so you need to remove everything that squeezes your neck: a scarf, tie and various massive ornaments. In addition, it is recommended to remove the glasses and fasten all the buttons. Hard objects should be shifted from pockets, as even the keys can cause serious injury in this situation.

4. Try not to stop

In an extreme situation, there is no time to stop and think about further actions, since this significantly increases the risk of being shot down, which is a deadly situation. Wrong and move against the crowd. Determine for yourself the most optimal version of the output, which should be in front of you, but better - diagonally. You need to move to the goal without looking back.

5. If there was a fall

One of the most dangerous outcomes of the situation is to be on the floor, but in this case it is important not to despair and concentrate even more. The correct decision - to curl up in a ball, closing the back of the head with your hands. To rise, do not lean on hands, as they can give and break. It is necessary to rise from such a position of the embryo, while kneeling. Make a dash with your body, straightening your legs.

6. Explore the countryside

If you are in a building, then at the entrance to a prominent place should be an evacuation plan, where you can see the number of exits and their locations. Experts recommend to remember and alternative methods of evacuation, for example, it can be windows. If the crowd gathers in the street, it will not be superfluous to appreciate the nearby places where you can hide from the crush, the main thing is that it should not be narrow streets, corridors, and dead ends.

7. Salvation together

At fairs and other entertainment events parents often come with children, and during the panic will have to take care of saving two people. If the child is small, then you need to put him on your neck, and in another case - lead him in front of him so that he is not pushed in the back and the child does not fall. In addition, this situation helps to better control its safety.

8. Avoid narrow apertures

When a person panics, then the instinct of self-preservation works, and at such times you do not notice anything about yourself, because the main thing is to get out of a difficult situation. The most dangerous places in this case are narrow corridors, doorways and so on. Finding there increases the risk of serious injury and death.

9. Keep yourself in hand

In a panicking crowd it is very easy to succumb to general excitement and lose composure, but it's important to keep oneself in hand. Think about your salvation, but do not forget that people are around, so do not knock them down and help as much as possible.

10. Show yourself higher than others

When panic begins, and people merge into one stream that moves, sweeping away everything in its path, including those who are insecure on their feet, it is important to take a profitable position. If you see that panic begins and a stream emerges that wants to leave the room, then the right decision is not to succumb to the crowd, but think about yourself. It is recommended to find any elevation that will become a lifebuoy, for example, it can be a table, bar counter, parapet, car, tree and so on.