25 breathtaking stories about the great deluge

If you think that the great flood in the history of mankind was only one, you are very mistaken. Different myths and legends about how water washed everything in its path, there are at least 200.

What is surprising, in most stories, the cause of the flood is divine intervention. That is, different gods repeatedly tried to exterminate all evil and left only a handful of good people who were supposed to revive life on Earth. It is interesting to know what were the causes of floods and floods?

1. The Legend of Trentren Vil and Kaikai Vilu

This legend came from the mountains from the south of Chile. According to her, once there were two giant snakes - Trentren Vilu and Kaikai Vilu. The God of water and the god of the earth constantly fought each other. But in the end, after Kaikai Vilu flooded most of the Earth, Trentren Vil won. Of course, there were some losses. But now the coast of Chile is a huge number of islands.

2. Unu-Pachacuti

According to the Inca myth, the god Viracocha created a race of giants, but then he was forced to kill all people, because they became unpredictable and uncontrollable.

3. Myth of Deucalion

Deucalion was the son of Prometheus. When Zeus decided to destroy humanity for greed, anger, disobedience, Deucalion begged him to pardon. But God was determined. Then Deucalion, on the advice of his father, built an ark in which he could feel safe during the attack of the water element. As a result, most of humanity was destroyed. Only Deucalion, his wife, and those who managed to reach the mountains before the flood began.

4. The bloody flood of Väinämöinen

This hero of Finnish mythology was the first to build a boat. After the devil struck him with an ax, the world was buried in the blood of Väinämäinen, and the hero on his own ship went to the lands of Pohjela, where a new page in the history of mankind began.

5. The Legend of Tawahaki

In the mythology of Maori, Tauhaki caused a flood to destroy his envious and greedy half-brothers. He warned all the peaceful inhabitants of the danger and sent them to Mount Hikuranga.

6. Bozica

According to one South American legend, a man named Bočica came to Colombia and taught people to take care of themselves independently, not relying on the will of the gods. He spent a lot of time helping, and his wife did not like it at all. Guyhaka began to pray to the god of water that he would flood the earth and kill all its "rivals". God Chibchakun heard her prayers, but Bochitsa, climbing the rainbow, with the help of a golden scepter still managed to cope with the elements. By sending water to safe channels, he managed to save some people, but many still perished.

7. The Mayan Deluge

According to Maya mythology, Hurakan, who was subjected to wind and storm, caused a flood to punish people who were angry with the gods. After the flood, the restoration of life on earth involved seven people - three men and four women.

8. History of the Cameroonian Flood

According to legend, the girl was grinding flour at the moment when she was approached by a goat. The animal wanted to profit. The girl first chased her away, but when the goat came back, she allowed to eat as much as she liked. For the kindness shown, the animal warned the girl about the impending flood, and she and her brother managed to escape.

9. The Temuum Flood

The Teman people have a legend about how their ancestors died because they angered the gods. Only one pair managed to survive, which managed to reach the tree in time.

10. The Flood of Niskwali

In one myth of the Indians, Puget Sound talks about how the population has grown so much that people, having eaten all the animals and fish, began to destroy each other. Then a flood was sent to them. Only one woman and a dog survived, they created a new race.

11. The Sumerian Flood

The Sumerians experienced several floods. One happened because the noise created by people did not allow the gods to sleep. Only the god Enki took pity on mankind. He warned Zizudra, who managed to build a ship and sent some people to a safe place.

12. Flood in the epic of Gilgamesh

Another Sumerian story. Gilgamesh was looking for the secret of eternal life and met Utnapishtim, the man who recognized this mystery. As it turned out, he was awarded with immortality by the god Enil because he, having learned about the impending flood, built a boat, loaded his family, all his riches, seeds and went to sea. When the flood ceased, he descended on Mount Nisir, where he began to create a new civilization.

13. Noah's Flood

This is the most famous story. People became so evil that God decided to exterminate civilization with water. Noah was commissioned to build an ark and collect on it his family and a pair of each species of animals. The ship floated for a very long time until an omen appeared in the sky - the rainbow signified the end of the flood.

14. The Myth of the Eskimo Flood

According to legend, the water flooded the whole earth. People ran on rafts and huddled together to keep warm. Salvation was the wizard An-ozhuy. He threw his bow into the water and ordered the wind to subside. After the abyss swallowed his earrings, the flood stopped.

15. Vainabuzh and the Great Deluge

When the world plunged into the darkness of evil, the Creator decided to purify the earth by the flood. One of the surviving men was called Vainabuzhu. He built a raft for himself and animals and sailed, waiting for the end of the flood. But the flood did not stop, then he sent the animals in search of land. When a handful of mud was in Vainabuzhu's hands, he put it on the back of a turtle, which increased in size and became a new world.

16. Bergelmir

In the Old Norse mythology, the sons of Borra killed Imir. There was so much blood that it flooded the world, and the whole race of giants was lost. Only Bergelmir and his relatives managed to escape and give life to a new history of the doots.

17. The Great Yu

With the help of magical mud, a turtle and a dragon, Yu managed to redirect the waters of the Great Flood into canals, lakes and tunnels. So he saved the Chinese empire from death.

18. The story of the Korean Flood

According to the old Korean myth, a fairy and a laurel tree had a son. The fairy went to heaven when the boy was small. During the flood the laurel tree ordered his son to recover to wander through the water. The boy managed to save another boy and grandmother with two granddaughters. All other people died from the flood, but these two couples managed to revive life on earth.

19. Burmese Flood

During the great flood, a man named Poipu Nan-chaun and his sister Changko managed to escape on the boat. They took with them nine cocks and nine needles. Every day after the rain stopped people threw over the cock over the cock and needle to see if the water was sleeping. Only on the last, ninth day, the cock began to sing and it was heard how the needle hit the rock. Then the couple came down to earth.

20. Nyuwa

This goddess of Chinese mythology saved the world during the flood, collecting multicolored stones, melting them and hanging holes in the heavens through which water flowed. After that, Nyuva chopped off the paws of a huge tortoise and placed the sky on them.

21. Hopi Flood

The Hopi tribe has a myth about a spider woman who wove a giant cobweb so that people could be saved on it from the flood.

22. Manu and Matsya

The fish sailed to Manu and asked to save her. He put it in a pitcher, from which the fish soon grew. Then Manu carried her to the river, but she continued to grow. Only when it was in the ocean, the fish discovered itself as Vishnu. God warned Manu of the flood and ordered him to build an ark, on which all kinds of plants and animals would be saved.

23. The Flood in Saanich

Local residents were sure that if you follow all the rules of the Creator, you can get a blessing. But one day people disobeyed the teachings, for which they were punished with the flood.

24. The Flood of the Flood

A huge flood to the ground was sent by the monster Afank. Only one pair survived, which survived on the ship.

25. Kenesh and the people of Comox

The people of Comox have a story about an old man who warned about the flood, coming in dreams. Collectively, people built a canoe and prepared to flee. The rain began on time, as the old man had predicted. The water was coming. Suddenly, like a huge white whale, a glacier appeared. Soon after, the flood ceased.