A wall in the living room with your own hands

The wall in the hall is traditional furniture. It's easier to purchase a ready-made set, but some try to decorate their room unusually and make a wall in the living room with their own hands. It's pretty easy. Even if you have to buy supplies and accessories, you will get an economical option. Consider the manufacture of the wall with the doors of the coupe in the hall. It is equipped with numerous open shelves , a section under the TV and is closed by sliding doors.

Wall assembly in the living room

To perform the task, you need to perform several actions in sequence:

  1. Identify the area of ​​the room where the structure will be installed, make a design plan, draw a wall into the living room, which will be made by hand, with all the dimensions.
  2. Prepare the necessary materials:
  • Prepare the tools:
  • The material sheets are cut to size. In the beginning, the back, bottom and side of the headset are attached to the wall and floor.
  • Vertical racks are installed.
  • Shelves are installed. The edge of the material is pasted with a film.
  • The doors are installed in the closed sections.
  • Drawers are made, handles are put on facades.
  • Sliding doors are inserted in the installed guides.
  • The original wall of the compartment is ready. It is equipped with both a storage system for clothes, and drawers, sections for TV.
  • Furniture around the perimeter is decorated with lighting.
  • The wall for the living room is the main functional furniture. Independently, you can create a beautiful set, show your imagination and decorate the room at your discretion.