How to visually expand a narrow room?

Many of us suffer from the narrow spaces in the apartment. And this applies not only to the residents of the Soviet "Khrushchev". Many houses built in the post-Soviet period have narrow and long bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore, the question of how to visually expand a small room, make it visually more spacious and cozy, is very relevant.

A very serious ally in the design of narrow rooms is color and light. And in order to slightly "push" the walls of a cramped room, you need to seriously approach the choice of shade for them.

What wallpaper visually expand the room?

In fact, the color and pattern of wallpaper in the interior of the room is capable of doing wonders. But in order to get the desired result you need to remember the simple rules:

Thus, the walls of a narrow room along the length should be decorated with wallpaper of light colors. A distant wall can be brought closer, making it accent with the help of a dark or bright color and a large pattern. With this design, the room will become more spacious and broad.

How to visually extend the bathroom?

In the small and narrow bathroom, the color of the walls is also very important. In this room, in any case, you can not play on the "contrast" of colors. A very good solution for the bathroom will be facing the walls with a mosaic of light colors.

But the most important in the design of the bathroom is its uniform lighting. Point light fixtures placed around the perimeter of the room will create the effect of spaciousness.

As a result, knowing how to visually expand the room using the right colors and lighting , perhaps even the smallest room in the apartment is spacious and cozy.