Ankle Boots - Fall 2013

The main secret of a successful look is the ability to harmoniously combine the various elements of the wardrobe, so everything should be in moderation, otherwise there will be bad taste. Ankle boots winter-autumn 2013-2014 really deserve special attention from fashionistas.

Fashionable shoes

Fur is an actual material for any element of the wardrobe in the autumn, winter and spring seasons. Fashionable professionals rely on the fur component, while successfully combining it with different textures and materials. This trend also applies to the autumn-winter ankle boots 2013-2014. On such women's shoes you can see the fur, from the restrained rabbit to the chic mink. Depending on how much the girl is extravagant or democratic, and it is worth choosing shoes according to texture, color, style.

A more usual decoration for shoes is lacing. According to modern trends lacing is best combined with other decorative elements: straps, rivets or zippers. Botilony autumn-winter differ a special variety in design solutions. Choose, for example, high military-lacing or neat "puppet".

Lacing on the autumn boots will give both a kind of grunge audacity, and a certain tenderness. By right, the mix of dark boots and dark leather pants looks chic. This option is suitable for those who want to put their feet on the show. If your legs are not perfect, then stop on short boots in 2013 and a pencil skirt with an overstated waist. Emphasis on fashionable shoes will help flared cloak ala 40's.

In autumn and winter 2013-2014 ankle boots must necessarily be with elements of patent leather. It is very convenient that it does not require water-repellent emulsions and additional care for itself.

Heel - the most unusual and "unpredictable" part of shoes. If it seems that a massive heel will visually weight the leg, then this opinion is mistaken. Designers on the contrary say that to emphasize the grace of the ankle, it is best to wear ankle boots.

Color - an important component of any element of clothing. The smoky gray, rich burgundy, marsh, coffee, saturated blue is considered to be successful colors for ankle boots this autumn.

Without a doubt, models with a straight and high boot are combined well with short dresses and jackets. The shortened models "impress" the classic coat, advantageously emphasize the military-trench, look in particular with dress-cases, pencil skirts with a high waist, trousers 9/10.

The art of wearing extraordinary shoes

It is most interesting to choose shoes among models that already in themselves resemble an exhibit in the museum. Extraordinary shoes - that's what a modern girl needs. Fashionable ankle boots of autumn 2013 and winter 2014 attract attention with strict geometry, contrasting fur, voluminous applications, floral prints, a variety of finishing materials. Such non-standard solutions are already included in the "norm", therefore, what will please us designers in the future is even difficult to imagine. Many models feel sorry for wearing, as something everyday. Thematic parties, weddings, graduation - a good reason to surprise others. The current trends tirelessly indicate that now is the time for experiments.

A good place for experiments is the heel. The most fashionable forms of heels for ankle-winter 2013 boots are straight thick heels, heel-bricks, wedge and Viennese uplift (height up to 2 cm). The innovation will be "puffed" heels of various shapes and heights. A hairpin is a classic of all times, it's impossible to guess.

Attracts attention and the "facade" of the product, in general. You can find models for every taste: with fasteners, rivets, straps, edging from fur, chains, braid, lacing, buckles and buttons, rings.