Aristocrats are also afraid of baldness: Prince Harry is thinking about hair transplant!

Everyone is accustomed to seeing the 35-year-old Prince Harry as a cheerful and confident young man who is not very worried about the public opinion. But, as it turned out, the charismatic prince is seriously worried because of the bald spot and is ready to seriously consider the condition of his hair.

Recently, Harry's older brother, Prince William, changed his hairstyle, however, the new haircut opened the bald head even more, which began to appear even 7 years ago. The public is confident that alopecia is associated with heredity, because William's father was bald when he was only 20.


The younger brother often joked about William, but, as you know, genetic predisposition is a stubborn thing, and today Harry himself faced this problem. Insiders told that the prince is going to make a hair transplant, which, by the way, will cost more than 75 thousand dollars. The procedure will be held immediately after your wedding. At this step, Harry was inspired by a future wife, actress Megan Markle, who, after learning about the problem of a loved one, advised him to immediately visit a specialist.

Read also The insider said this:
"Megan invited the groom to consider her idea of ​​hair transplant. In this there is nothing, and in Hollywood many stars make transplantation. Prince Harry wants to look young and handsome, and therefore intends to get rid of the outlined bald spot. "