Body cream with tanning effect

No opportunity to go on vacation? Do not like sunbathing in the solarium ? A beautiful bronze shade can also be obtained without long-term UV rays. To do this, you need a cream for the body with the effect of sunburn. This is an absolutely safe cosmetic product, which contains coloring supplements. When applied to the skin, they react with the cells and make them darker.

Cream Dove Energy Glow

Dove Energy Glow - a cream with the effect of sunburn helps to get a light and even tan. It also saturates the skin with various beneficial substances, making it velvety. This tool is very convenient to use so that the tan appears gradually and does not give too dark a shade. After the first use of the cream for the body Dove with the effect of sunburn, there will be only a slight hint of swarthy skin . Radical color change will be visible only after several applications of the tool.

Cream Nivea Sun Kissed Lotion

Sun Kissed Lotion from Nivea - a cream for the body and face with an easy tan effect. Immediately after use, it gives a dark and really intense tint. The main advantages of this tool are that after its application:

Tanning cream L'Oreal Paris

Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gel by L'Oreal Paris - cream for legs, hands and body with the effect of sunburn. This product has a unique formula, thanks to which it is quickly and easily applied, well distributed and does not spoil clothes. But it is washed away with water. Despite this, it is really convenient to use, because when needed, you can completely wash it off, and after a while apply again.

Sublime Bronze from L'Oreal Paris is very economically spent. Another advantage of this cream is that it does not leave greasy marks on clothes.

Cream Gradual Hydrating from Lancaster

The company Lancaster produces a legendary cream with the effect of tanning Gradual Hydrating. It is used by many girls and women around the world, because it combines the properties of a strong tanning lotion, sunscreen and moisturizing milk. This cream will provide you with the effect of a light natural tan and protect the skin from the effects of UV rays. The protection factor in this product is SPF 6. Gradual Hydrating is a very pleasant cream. In its composition there is an extract of pineapple, pansies and Mediterranean watermelon. It has a delicate aroma, gently lies on the skin and does not stick to your hands.