Bouquet of the bride - the best compositions from live and artificial flowers, and not only!

Girls who are preparing for the wedding, when creating the image must necessarily take into account such an important detail as the traditional bouquet of the bride, which is made up of favorite and symbolic colors. In addition, it should not just be a tribute to fashion, but harmoniously combined with dress and veil.

Bouquet of the bride 2017

The creation of a wedding image implies a successful combination of classics and new fashion trends. This also characterizes the wedding bouquets of 2017, which can personify tenderness and femininity or be vivid and attracting everyone's attention. The main rule that must be taken into account is that the flowers are selected taking into account the features of the outfit, the figure and the color of the newlywed hair:

Fashionable wedding bouquets

If we consider the fashion trends that represent the wedding bouquet of the bride this year, then it can be noted that they have changed slightly:

Wedding Bouquet of Peonies

A beautiful peony flower is associated with sophistication and charm. Being a classic, it looks stylish and will fit any one along. A bouquet of brides from pions is one of the most preferred options, as it symbolizes a happy marriage. It's important to take into account the shade:

Wedding bouquet of tulips

An original and beautiful option, which deserves the closest attention, is a bouquet of brides from tulips. They are ideal for the early spring period and are associated with the youth and freshness of the newlyweds. With the help of this flower you can create a real masterpiece, while you can use different techniques when creating it, the main ones are:

Wedding bouquet of roses

Eternal classic, which nothing can replace for a long time - a bouquet of the bride of roses. This flower occupies a leading position in the variety of shapes and shades. Such characteristics provide an opportunity to create compositions for every taste:

Wedding bouquet of chamomiles

The choice of romantic natures is a bouquet of the bride from daisies. There is a tradition that says that if a girl receives these flowers from her lover on the day of the wedding, then the love will last forever. They have such characteristic features:

Wedding bouquet of orchids

A stylish finishing chord of the image will be a bouquet of a bride from orchids. This flower personifies family comfort and fertility. When composing a composition, florists like to use two different shades, which together create an inexpressible effect. But there are also possible one-color options, for example, a blue bridal bouquet. Orchid looks beautiful and without decoration, but there are certain variations of the assembly:

Artificial wedding bouquets

Sometimes an allergy can be very inappropriate, as, for example, on the day of the wedding. But this is not an excuse to give up traditional holiday accessories, you can replace live flowers with artificial ones, which can look very natural. You can also use a wedding bouquet of ribbons, beads or sweets . In Europe and the United States, such compositions are popular, because they are practical and have low cost.

Fashion masters can create real masterpieces of plastic, wire, paper, fabric and other materials. When choosing one should be guided by such parameters as:

Wedding Bouquet from Foamiran

There is a unique material with which you can copy any fresh flowers, and artificial visually will not differ from them. In this way, a bouquet of a bride from a fameiran is created, which has a lot of advantages:

Wedding bouquets of satin ribbons

One of the most interesting options is considered to be a bouquet of bride from ribbons. It turns out very original and believable. This material will be an excellent assistant in creating a stylish image, it can help out not only in case of allergies, but also when it is required to create an unusual and original product. As an example, you can bring a wedding, which is planned to be held in the style of Tiffany . Natural plants of turquoise hues are extremely difficult to find, in this case satin ribbons will come to the rescue.

Wedding bouquet of beads

An unusual and unique idea is a gentle bouquet of a bride from beads. This composition will help the bride to stand out and give extra charm. Over the creation of the masterpiece you have to work hard, but the painstaking work will fully justify itself. The composition of beads will be a good alternative to live flowers if the wedding takes place in the winter. The product will not lose its chic and shine, even with a sharp change of cold street air to the warm atmosphere of the restaurant.

Bouquet of sweets for wedding

The greatest originality is a bouquet of a bride from sweets. He performs several tasks at once: serves as a delicious dessert, exquisite decoration, and a cheerful gift. The composition can be any volume and consist of different sweets. The main thing is to include imagination , and then it will be possible to surprise the invited guests, and the product will become a real decoration of the festive table.