Wedding underwear of the bride - what to wear under the dress?

Wardrobe, which girls wear under the attire for the wedding - is no less important detail in the image than the outfit. After all, a romantic ceremony begins with the very morning of the bride, which in modern fashion is usually captured in photographs. Beautiful intimate accessories are a sweet dessert after a celebration for a loved one. Therefore, the wedding lingerie of the bride should be selected with special attention.

What kind of underwear to wear under a wedding dress?

The choice of accessories for the outfit depends on the style and color of the dress. White has always been considered traditional:

In this case, the bride's underwear for the wedding should be the same shade or flesh color. However, in modern fashion, it is customary to pay attention to originality and non-standard design. A popular element of the wardrobe was the decoration - embroidery, overhead decoration, ornaments. When choosing accessories, it is important to take care of the comfort of the models. Do not buy unusual styles. Or pay attention, that you feel yourself in a new wardrobe confidently and practical.

Brides in the bottom retro lingerie

As current trends demonstrate, frank bikinis are increasingly losing popularity due to their impracticality. Girls again return to closed and comfortable models. Fashionable underwear for a retro wedding is a wide panties with a high waistline or shorts, a corrective corset , a wide bra or a top. But to make accessories different from everyday, pay attention to such possible details as delicate translucent material, vintage decor.

Satin Bridal Wedding Dresses

Brilliant thick fabric - a stylish solution for the wardrobe under the dress. To date, the current models from the atlas are presented by elegant combinations and pulling T-shirts. Due to the irresistibility of the material, such women's underwear under the wedding dress looks very elegant and exquisite. Atlas is often represented in collections of sophisticated sets. In this case, designers allow the coloring of not only white tones, but also colored pastel shades :

Wedding underwear

The most comfortable and comfortable is considered to be a one-piece variant of clothing under the dress. Such women's underwear for the bride - an excellent choice in the winter season. The solid body will ensure a reliable fixation on the body. Such a choice due to the lack of seams has become a universal solution for any style:

Designers offer not only functional models, but also decorative monokines, which will certainly please the groom on their wedding night.

Sexy wedding underwear

Every girl wants to be the most desired and attractive for her husband. The bride in erotic underwear is not just a pleasant surprise for the groom, but also a way to surprise, emphasize your feelings, ingenuity and originality. In the modern fashion sexy miniature thongs, transparent accessories, models with attractive decor - ryushikami, miniskirts, bows are considered sexy. A gentle and laconic design arouses male curiosity even more. Minimalism allows you to carefully hide the intimate wardrobe under the attire.

Wedding underwear sets

The most popular sets on fashion shows were combinations of panties, bra and stockings. The upper part of the clothing is often replaced by a corset or top. Often the kit includes a garter, which plays a special role in the ceremony. If you are looking for a beautiful wedding lingerie of the bride, then pay attention to the sets with a translucent mini-gown of silk, satin or tulle. This detail is absolutely necessary during the morning preparation and after the celebration. The gown will add mystery to the gentle feminine image.

The most beautiful underwear for the bride

In collections of elegant intimate clothes it is difficult to identify the most compelling models. After all, in this issue plays a role not only the opinion of famous stylists, but also individual taste preferences. However, the designers consider the following products as the most attractive:

  1. Lacy underwear . Delicate openwork material looks simply delicious on a beautiful female body especially in light colors. The beautiful wedding lingerie of the bride can be made from lace completely, as well as augmented inserts, ruffles, frills. Popular in recent seasons is the material with large patterns or motifs.
  2. Silk products . A smooth fabric with a light luster, gently flowing along the elegant lines of the female figure, has become more a luxury item than an intimate attribute. After all, the irresistibility of silk makes the whole image luxurious. Popular styles of silk lingerie of the bride are wedding retro kits, combinations and elongated tops.
  3. Design with embroidery . Very beautiful and stylish look items of women's wardrobe with embroidered patterns. A popular theme of embroidery are flowers and openwork abstractions. The decor can be the same coloring with the product or act as a contrast accent. In the latter case, it is important to make sure that the rich finish does not shine through the outfit. Designers offer complete sets with voluminous embroidery and a laconic decoration only for a bra.
  4. Underwear with crystals . The decoration of an intimate wardrobe with stones and rhinestones is not an innovation in modern fashion. Famous world brands are not the first season offer in collections exquisite and truly luxurious products with color or colorless shiny finish. The most actual fabrics for decoration with crystals are satin, silk and lace. It is important when choosing such items to pay attention, that the decorations do not come out from under the delicate material of the dress. Dazzling accessories are absolutely the most expensive, especially the option with precious and branded stones.