Hats, as an accessory, are relevant in any season, but with the arrival of cold weather, they become extremely necessary. Well, since they should not only warm up, but also fit into the style and image created, the women of fashion choose with special care the suitable model.

Among young people, hat-cap or, as it is also called, cap-stocking, is very popular. This model belongs to the unisex section, so it can be safely worn by both boys and girls.

It is worth noting that the style of this headdress is quite versatile, so it can be worn with any kind of outerwear. For example, if a woman prefers a classic style, then wearing a black short dress, lacquered boots with lacing on high heels and a gray-brown coat to the knee, she can complement her ensemble with an original cap-cap. In this combination, it will be best to look a thin knitted monophonic model with a contrasting inscription or application in the form of lips or a star.

Women's knitted cap-cap

The knitted fabric is especially important in the cold season. Thanks to the designer's ideas, the model can be quite stylish and original. For example, very exquisitely look products with different patterns. This can be unusual weaving, voluminous braids or Scandinavian motifs that create a festive atmosphere on the eve of Christmas and New Year.

But the bright and extraordinary personalities should pay attention to the long cap-cap, with a huge pompon at the end. The choice of shades is great enough, so you can choose a model that fits your image, whether it's sports style or more extravagant. Deciding to paint gray everyday life and give yourself a piece of summer, pay attention to the colored hat-cap. Rainbow colors will attract attention, giving others joy and warmth.

For women who love harmony and luxury, designers recommend fur models that will not only emphasize your special status, but also give an image of elegance and style.

The hat-cap is preferable to be worn on loose hair. So you will look more feminine and attractive. And for greater effect, the hair can be curled or create an ombre effect.