Evening fashion - dresses for both slender and full

None of the wardrobe items are chosen with such care, as an evening outfit intended for public appearances and solemn events. He must face his owner, emphasize the dignity and conceal the shortcomings of the figure, and at the same time correspond to the evening fashion.

What kind of evening dresses are in vogue now?

The latest collections of designers have shown that preference is given to styles, where the focus is on the lines of shoulders or hips. Proceeding from this, we can distinguish two main fashion trends:

  1. Evening dresses with open shoulders, which fit well with fur cords, boas and various accessories. As variants of models it is possible to list a dress with an American armhole, on thin straps, with a decollete in the form of heart, with the sleeves down, or with cutouts in the area of ​​the shoulders.
  2. Fashion with basque and draperies, skirts-bells, which emphasize the line of the hips and make the figure more feminine. Did not go unheeded, and the style of the little mermaid, in which the bottom tightens the figure to the knees, and then expands to the floor.

Also, fashion for evening dresses presupposes the presence of such details:

Evening fashion for complete

Owners of magnificent forms, having picked up the successful style which the modern evening fashion offers, can shine on secular receptions and receptions. To show yourself in a favorable light, you can recommend the following options:

  1. With a V-neck and a skirt in the floor, this style will help hide the folds on the abdomen and hips, emphasize the chic bust.
  2. To visually look slimmer, pay attention to outfits with asymmetric longitudinal elements.
  3. Gracefully looks a full lady in a dress-case. You just need to choose models with a slightly flared skirt, then the figure will be able to give proportionality, removing the accent from the hips.
  4. Evening fashion for fat women offers a real find for those who are worried about excess pounds - it's a Greek style or Empire. Such outfits can be easily identified by an overstated waist and an open bust. Pay attention to the shape of the sleeve - it should be straight, not lush, so as not to attach volume to the shoulders.

High fashion - evening dresses

The latest collections of famous designers are full of surprises, as evidenced by every evening fashion show. For example, in the trend were multi-colored dresses, decorated in patchwork style. Famous couturiers do not cease to amaze and please fashionists with their novelties:

Black color of evening fashion

Black color is universal, so evening fashion means that it will always remain relevant. He will give elegance, mystery to any image, so we love almost all designers. A small black evening dress is a classic, it must necessarily be in the wardrobe of any woman. But the variety of presented styles gives room for imagination, the dress can be any dress, you can pick out the outfit on the floor, midi, lush or tight figure. To revitalize black color, widely used:

Evening Fashion Accessories

Successfully selected accessories will help to create a thoughtful and complete image. To decorate for an evening dress harmoniously looked in combination with a dress, one should adhere to such recommendations: