A child in 4 months - correct development, nutrition and mode of the baby

The child at 4 months already shows curiosity and the first timid skills of independence, but he is still completely dependent on adults. The task of the mother of a four-month-old baby - based on average age norms, to create all possible conditions for the full development of a beloved child.

The height and weight of the child in 4 months

According to generally accepted norms, the weight of the child in 4 months varies within 5.7-7.7 kg. The average figure is on the figure of 6.4 kg. For boys, this rate is higher and is 7-7.8 kg. For girls, the weight within 6.4-7.3 kg is considered acceptable. The above figures of how much the child weighs in 4 months are strongly averaged and do not take into account the individual characteristics of crumbs, birth weight and heredity .

To understand the weight norm for each specific child, it is better to use the formula: 750 g (the norm of the set per month) is multiplied by 4 (the age of crumbs in months) and added with the mass at birth. The result is not final, because doctors admit a deviation from the calculated norm within 15%. It is worthwhile to understand that proportional development of children by months is a rare phenomenon. Often kids grow jerky and can in one month gain more than normal, and in another - weight gain will be minimal.

Nutrition of the child in 4 months

The baby's diet is an important source of its development and growth, so it is worth considering what the baby can do in 4 months and what kind of diet should be. If you teach the baby to eat at the same time, it will help improve digestion and make it easier to take care of it. Not all children can easily learn the regime of the day . Diseases and external factors can contribute to disruptions in the regime, but you should try to return to the schedule of sleep, nutrition and wakefulness.

A four-month-old baby should eat every 3.5-4 hours. For a day, you will get 5 feedings with a night 7-hour break for sleep. Children who are underweight, and children with poor appetite can eat more often and wake up to eat at night. It is normal and to cancel the night feeding for such baby goats better at a later age.

4 months - breastfeeding a child

At 4 months mother's milk remains for the youngest child the most suitable product, it includes all the substances useful for growth and development. Mothers who have problems with lactation, pediatricians recommend trying to maintain the required level of milk at least up to six months. At 4 months, infants begin to add new foods to the diet, but their function is not to feed the crumbs, but to accustom them to new foods. The norm of milk per day for a baby of this age is a volume of 900-1200 ml.

Answering the question how many times to feed a child in 4 months, pediatricians call the figure 5. In doing so, they recommend during this period to go to a seven-eight-hour night's sleep. These recommendations are not suitable for mothers, in whom breast milk is produced in insufficient quantities. With weak lactation it is desirable to keep the night feeding, and the daily amount of feeding can be adjusted to 6. At the same time, one should control the weight gain of the child in order to be sure that the baby does not starve and develops well.

Child 4 months - artificial feeding

To understand how much the child eats at 4 months per day, you should divide the child's weight by 6. To determine the norm for one meal, divide the daily rate by 5 (the number of meals). On average, this figure is 160-180 ml. Artificial babies are transferred faster than babies to five meals a day and a seven-hour night's sleep without food. The last meal can be somewhat larger than the rest, so that the baby will have enough of this until the morning.

Feeding the baby in 4 months

In the first lure , artificial babies need more than babies, so from 17-18 weeks they are introduced to the diet additional products. Grudnichkov is also recommended to supplement new food, but not so actively and not necessarily. The initial lure can be 4 months can consist of cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini. A little later, add buckwheat or oatmeal.

When introducing complementary foods, observe the following rules:

  1. Each product is taken for 1-2 weeks.
  2. After adding a child unfamiliar to the child, the reaction of the child is monitored: if there is an allergy, the product is canceled.
  3. Dish for complementary foods should have a liquid consistency.
  4. Feeding follows from a spoon.
  5. Supplementary feeding is administered twice a day, starting with 1 tsp. and increasing to half the portion.
  6. All products must be thoroughly cooked.

Child's regime in 4 months

The kid at 4 months begins to walk more and play. He is active and needs constant attention from an adult. With the right approach, you can accustom the baby to a regimen that will facilitate mum care for crumbs.

The order of the four-month-old crumbs can be as follows:

How many a child sleeps in 4 months

A four-month-old child begins to be interested in the outside world, so his waking time increases. Kroha wants to communicate with adults, examine objects and study them. Along with this, he is still very small and quickly gets tired. In order to restore his strength, the karapuz must sleep about 14-15 hours a day. And 7-8 hours must have a night's sleep. The remaining time is divided into 3-4 days sleep for 1-2 hours. The time of wakefulness and sleep of a child in 4 months may be violated even from the slightest changes in the life of a crumb. To avoid this, one should adhere to the regime of the day.

Baby 4 months - sleeps badly

Each mother wants her child to sleep well and eat, but children are not ideal in this regard. There are several reasons why children at 4 months sleep badly:

4 months for a child - development

Development of the baby in 4 months does not have jerks and high speed. During this period the child continues to adapt to the surrounding world. For him, as before, the most important adult is Mom. He starts to recognize her, pulls her pens, answers her smile, copies her mood. The kid is interesting people, he watches them and tries to communicate. A child in his 4 months loves everything new, but does not delay anything for a long time his attention. At the same time stability is very important for him: he likes to sleep only in his crib and falls asleep after a certain ritual: songs or motion sickness.

What should a child be able to do in 4 months

A four-month child mentally and physically achieves certain achievements in this age. Note that kids develop at their own pace, so do not worry if the baby is a little behind average. We offer a list of what the child can do in 4 months:

How to develop a baby in 4 months

The four-month-old kid is happy to contact with adults and is ready to play simple games. Based on what children should be able to do in 4 months, pediatricians offer such lessons for the development of the karapuza:

  1. To attract the attention of a child by hanging a mobile phone over his crib.
  2. Show the rattle and stimulate the crumb, so that he would take it in his hand.
  3. Play hide and seek, covering your face with your hands.
  4. Play the game "forty-crow".
  5. Engage in a developing rug.
  6. Listen to songs, especially if their mother sings.
  7. Talk with the baby with different intonations and emotions.

Toys for children in 4 months

The toys of a four-month-old kid should be within his power, attract his attention with color and sound and be safe. Psychologists offer such a list of what a baby can do in 4 months:

  1. Rattles: they must be different in shape, color, sounds, but it is easy to fit into the palm and be easy to grip;
  2. Musical toys: mobile phones, musical rattles, phones, when pressed, the baby can hear the sound. Mobiles are placed over the baby's bed and included during the waking period.
  3. Game mats. As early as 4 months, you can put the crumb on the playing mat, showing him how you can play.
  4. Cloth books, cubes and toys. Such toys are made of safe cloth, in the middle of them there are sounding mechanisms. Such toys can be taken in the mouth.
  5. Plastic and rubber teeth-cutters.

Gymnastics for the baby 4 months

Since the four-month-old kid moves very little, with the help of gymnastics it is possible to stimulate his physical development and improve the work of internal organs. Gymnastics is especially useful when the baby does not turn over for 4 months and does not hold his head well. For karapuzov at this age such exercises are useful:

  1. The kid is put on his back and puts his fingers in his hands. After this, gently pull the baby by the handles upwards, so that he lifts his head and upper body.
  2. In the same position, the baby's arms are pulled out alternately with neat movements, as if boxing.
  3. In the same position it is useful to perform the breeding and crossing of the handles on the chest.
  4. The kid is put on the stomach, the legs are grasped with one hand, the second is placed under the belly. Thus, lift the baby in the air for a few seconds.
  5. The toddler is put on the back and alternately, and then simultaneously pulls the legs to the stomach.