Why does the body need zinc?

Many people have often wondered why the body needs zinc. So, zinc is necessary for the body, since it allows all cells of a person to function normally. Zinc like vitamin C is capable of completely stopping a viral infection if a person captures it early enough. When conducting surveys of people who are afflicted with AIDS, a zinc deficiency was found. Daily to restore the supply of the body zinc was administered in doses of the order of 100 mg, and ultimately it helped to normalize the immune function and reduce the complications of the AIDS disease.

Why do you need zinc in the human body?

In addition, zinc plays an important role in the human body. Its need is that it helps to develop the main hormone of the thymus gland - timulin. Zinc helps to balance sugar in the blood and this is considered its most valuable therapeutic "quality". The use of zinc for the body is that with its help the pancreas produces insulin, thereby protecting the binding sites on the cell membranes, helping the hormone to enter the cells. People with diabetes, by taking zinc, can reduce high cholesterol.

If you increase the reserves of zinc in the body, it will help to avoid almost all skin diseases - to weaken them or completely get rid of.

What are the possible shortages of zinc?

It should be noted that zinc deficiency can lead to many complications during pregnancy. It can be fraught with miscarriage, lead to toxicosis, delayed fetal growth and difficult childbirth. Girls who are preparing to become mothers should know that if taking 22 mg of zinc daily, it will give birth to a much larger fruit.

Zinc deficiency can lead to neurological and neuropsychic disorders - multiple sclerosis, dyslexia, Huntington's disease, dementia, depression and acute psychosis.

Zinc for the body is very important. If the human body reduces the content of zinc in comparison with the optimal level, then this can be a significant problem for a person: it becomes more vulnerable to toxic effects of the environment. Scientists conducted a scientific experiment, involving 200 people with chemical hypersensitivity. The results were quite impressive - 54% with a low level of zinc.

It turns out that zinc in the human body plays an important role, so it is important to take care to maintain the required level in our body.