Evening image

Every girl dreams of becoming a queen, going to a solemn event or just to a party. Regardless of the location, season, weather conditions and problems at work, the choice of the image is in the first place.

Evening style in clothes

The main rule of the evening style is not to overdo it. Observing the rule of the golden mean, it is advantageous to emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings of the figure. Do not forget about the accessories! Too large and heavy jewelry will be distracting from the outfit, creating the impression of heap. If you have opted for a bright make-up, then do not oversaturate the image with massive earrings or beads. And, on the contrary, if your make-up is in pastel and restrained tones, then it is quite possible to experiment with the size and color of the accessories. You can decorate your hair with a stylish barrette or put on a thin bezel with small decorative stones that will effectively shimmer in bright light and attract the attention of others.

Evening image for a girl implies, of course, high heels . Shoes can be matched to the tone of the dress or even in harmony with a small handbag. It is advisable that the toe of your shoes is closed. This is the unspoken rule of evening etiquette.

Not too restricts the fashion and in choosing the length of the dress. If you look closely at the stars that shine on the red carpet, you can conclude - it all depends on the individual taste and modesty in choosing clothes. When deciding what kind of outfit is best suited in this particular case, do not forget about what began our article - in all respect the rule of the golden mean.

The female evening image should cause admiration! And, finally, the main rule of success for any holiday - smile, and let your sparkling eyes say for themselves - you are the queen of the ball!