What should I do if my menstrual period is delayed?

Sometimes girls, having encountered for the first time such a situation as a delay in menstruation, have no idea what to do in this case. Most often, the cause of this phenomenon is hormonal imbalance in the body, or the onset of pregnancy. But how to be and what to do if the delay is monthly, and the girl is absolutely sure that this is not pregnancy?

How to act when menstrual cycle is delayed?

When the girl is delayed monthly, and the cause is unknown, then before you do anything and undergo treatment, you must adhere to the following algorithm of action:

  1. Even if you are 100% sure that pregnancy is not possible, take a home test. For this, in the collected portion of morning urine, place the indicator of the pregnancy test purchased at the pharmacy .
  2. If a home pregnancy test is negative, ask your gynecologist for help. After an ultrasound, the reason for the absence of menstruation, as a rule, is established.
  3. When no pathology is detected with ultrasound, the doctor prescribes laboratory tests: blood for HCG , a general blood test, etc.

Pathology of the reproductive system as the main cause of menstruation

There are known cases when a girl has a delay of 1-2 months, and she does not try to do anything about it, because earlier she had exactly the same. This is certainly wrong. After all, often, the absence of the menstrual cycle is only a sign of a complex, pathological process in the organs of the reproductive system.

More often than not, as mentioned above, hormonal disruptions lead to the development of menstrual cycle disorders, the main causes of which are:

If we talk about the pathology of the reproductive system that lead to these phenomena, it is primarily:

Thus, in a situation where a girl does not have a period for a long time, and she does not know what to do, medical consultation is absolutely necessary. After all, even the use of drugs that can cause menstrual bleeding, must be necessarily coordinated with a gynecologist. The doctor, in turn, prescribes the medication only after a complete examination and establishing the exact cause of the disorder of this kind.