Low self-esteem

One of the qualities of a fully healthy individual is adequate self-esteem. It is formed depending on the nature of the person, the opinions of others, his social status and for a long period. Low self-esteem can sometimes be observed in those who have had to overcome difficulties for a long period, despite the fact that this person is the possessor of optimistic views.

Let's consider in detail what is low self-esteem and what to do if you have it.

Low self-esteem and its causes

A person with a low self-esteem is not always able to understand why others are not so welcoming in communicating with her and where to look for the root causes of such a negative attitude.

It is worth noting that sometimes the causes of low self-esteem are laid in the very childhood of a person. If they are left unresolved, then a number of these factors will increase, which means that in the adult age the personality will have to face complex relationships in the team, the family, inability to determine their life's vocation, favorite pursuits, etc.

Low self-esteem for a woman puts her in an unfavorable position in society. She will be afraid of harming someone, offending something, while trying to make others happy. This is caused by the fear of being rejected. Because of lack of self-esteem, it is more difficult for her to be interested, and then to retain, an attractive man.

A low level of self-esteem can be caused by painful experiences, after experiencing which, a person refuses to recognize them to himself. This he displaces the negative events in his life in the subconscious zone, which sooner or later will hit his self-esteem.

Low self-esteem and its symptoms

The main symptom of low self-esteem is the ability to compare one's achievements, appearance with other people. Such self-esteem is a habit of constantly being puzzled by "what do others think about me?", To be afraid that society will not understand and accept its inner peace, interests. A person often remembers his own life failures, missed chances. Sometimes he begins to feel sorry for himself, that over time he develops his inability to live his own life.

External signs of low self-esteem:

  1. Impression in communication.
  2. Excessive thirst will please everyone and everyone.
  3. Negligence in appearance.
  4. Slouch.
  5. Sad facial expression.

Very low self-esteem manifests itself in the inability of an individual to build intimate relationships in his life (meaning both the creation of a family and the search for friends ).

Often such a person seems that the world around him is opposed to her. Subconsciously, she is inclined to think that she does not have anything to love, that she is not worthy of love. For this reason, it is difficult for her to be sure of the feelings and intentions of her partner, friends, family members.

How to get rid of low self-esteem?

  1. In order to get rid of this self-esteem once and for all, first of all, remember that you should love yourself. And this means that after this you will love the world.
  2. Remember that in order to please someone, never become someone's copy, do not imitate. Retain your individuality.
  3. People with low self-esteem forget to look after themselves even when they are in four walls one-on-one with themselves.
  4. Watch for food. Respect your body. Devote your free time to what you are interested in most.
  5. Do not run after the approval of others. Accept yourself as you are. Remember that the personality inside you is created only by you and no one else.
  6. And finally, remember that in life your main rule should be: "To love, appreciate and respect yourself."

Low self-esteem never brings positive changes in your life. Get rid of it and enjoy life.