Fortune-telling on 36 maps

Divination does not leave almost anyone indifferent, and in the soul of every skeptic sometimes there is a doubt - and what if indeed the usual guessing on 36 cards can predict fate? All of us are so stretching to some extent hidden and unknowable, why even in our technocratic age, the service of fortunetellers and psychics is not lost. However, it is not necessary to puzzle how to become clairvoyant . You can and try to master simple guessing on playing 36 cards.

Fortune-telling on 36 maps: the basics

If you expect to get quite serious and truthful results, it is worth sticking to the traditional rules of divination.

  1. It deals with many details, from choosing a deck to the days of the week.
  2. The deck of cards you use for divination should be new. In the aftermath, you can use this deck, provided that these cards have never been used for the game.
  3. To "charge" the cards with their energy , it's worth putting them on the night under the pillow, and only after that to guess.
  4. On Sundays and Mondays, guessing on the cards is not necessary - these days they will lie and mislead.
  5. It is not necessary to conduct guessing on a deck of 36 cards in a noisy place, and also in a state of intoxication.
  6. According to ancient customs, all the methods of guessing on 36 cards suggest that the fortune-teller should be with loose hair, without a belt or belt and preferably in a dimly lit, non-residential room.
  7. Any ancient Russian fortune-telling on 36 maps assumes a very serious attitude to the process itself. Do not take cards in your hands to have fun.
  8. You can not ask one question twice. Repeated guessing on the same topics can not be more than once in 2-4 weeks.

There are a lot of rules and subtleties, but for a budding fortuneteller there will be enough of these. In addition, people deeply religious should know that some religions, including all branches of Christianity, do not recognize fortune telling, considering it a diabolical act.

Simple guessing on 36 maps

To begin with it is necessary to master the most simple way of guessing on 36 cards on love, destiny, favorite. It consists in the fact that you shuffle the deck, take your left hand to heart and, mentally asking a clear and specific question, draw three cards. Usually this is enough to interpret the answer, relying on the value of 36 cards when guessing:


  1. Ace - you are loved!
  2. The king is luck.
  3. Lady - hide your feelings.
  4. Knave - you want to see.
  5. Ten - repeat the question.
  6. Nine - you are ardently loved!
  7. Eight - the meeting will decide your fate.
  8. Seven - be careful.
  9. Six - your intention is in trouble!


  1. Ace - the desire does not come true!
  2. King - ahead of deception.
  3. The lady is an insult.
  4. Jack - groundless jealousy.
  5. Ten - get busy!
  6. Nine - the way out of the black band.
  7. Eight is good news.
  8. Seven - change for the better.
  9. Six - your happiness is fragile.


  1. Ace - you made a mistake.
  2. King - hurry!
  3. The lady is a reward.
  4. Knave - a favorite will make you sad.
  5. Ten - give up a new friendship.
  6. Nine - sad news.
  7. Eight - learn about the illness of a loved one.
  8. Seven - praise.
  9. Sixes - a surprise.


  1. Ace - believe the words!
  2. The king is a pleasant news.
  3. The lady is the fulfillment of desire.
  4. Knave - the efforts are in vain!
  5. Ten - great happiness.
  6. Nine - keep the secret!
  7. Eight - beware of danger.
  8. Seven - you are in for trouble.
  9. Sixes - think again.

To answer some questions it will be enough to draw only one card, for others it will take all three. You can look at the situation. The main thing, even if the answer did not suit you, do not ask the question again. Each answer is accurate and final, the question can be repeated only after 2-4 weeks.