Frankl's Logotherapy

Surely you have ever wondered about the meaning of life in your life. Why did we come to this world, for what do we live and what will our existence lead to? Everyone finds answers to these questions himself and each has his own. Some can come to them over time, others immediately respond without hesitation. But very few people have ever asked themselves about this. Why do you think?

Basic concepts of Frankl logo therapy

It turns out that the Austrian psychotherapist Victor Frankl in his work "The Basics of Logotherapy" came to the conclusion that the whole thing is in our human essence. Man simply can not exist without the meaning of life. Striving for it is the main motivation for strength in a person. We can not live in a state without tension, we just need a tense desire for some sense and for its realization.

The main points of Frankl's logotherapy are that the main force that drives a person through life is the person's desire to search for and realize his own sense of existence. The absence of such a meaning or the inability to implement it causes a person in the state of dissatisfaction, apathy, depression, neurosis, loss of interest in life. Techniques and methods of logotherapy in this case help the person to regain lost purpose in life. Lost values ​​can be found in one of such spheres: religion, creativity (what we give lives), experience (with the help of what we receive from the world), as well as conscious acceptance of those circumstances that can not be changed at all.

To some extent, Frankl's logotherapy is similar to Freud's classical psychoanalysis, but Frankl argues that logotherapy, unlike psychoanalysis, understands the main goal of a person actualization of values ​​and realization of aspirations, rather than the ordinary adaptation, adaptation to the environment, society and the satisfaction of innate instincts and drives. Logoterapiya strive to ensure that a person could gain freedom by taking responsibility for himself. From the point of view of Frankl, man does not invent, does not create any sense of life, but finds it in the surrounding reality, in the surrounding world.

In order for you to be visited by a state of apathy and depression, be bold in determining your own aspirations in life and implement them, despite any obstacles.