Silva's method - development of intuition and extrasensory abilities by the Silva method

Many scientists and parapsychologists assure that human consciousness and thinking is capable of much, most importantly, constantly working on themselves, developing abilities. Unique is the method of Jose Silva, which helps to disclose in a person intellectual and psychological abilities.

What is the Silva Method?

A well-known American parapsychologist proposed a non-traditional, from the point of view of science, method. To put it briefly, it is based on a certain attitude of thinking aimed at controlling the work of intuition. Silva proposed some simple exercises that develop a "sixth sense", which gives the person additional opportunities to improve and reach new heights in life. The method of Jose Silva is aimed at finding harmony with oneself, thanks to the joint work of imagination, intuition and emotion.

Psycho-training by the method of Jose Silva

If you study the technique suggested by the famous parapsychologist, you can cope with bad habits and stress, develop intuition, intelligence and creativity , and improve memory and health. In addition, Jose Silva argues that everyone can prescribe his future life using simple techniques for understanding. His method can be called a dynamic meditation, which became the basis for personal development. Management of consciousness by the Silva method involves working at different levels:

  1. Beta . At this level, the person is in the waking period, and he can use the five physical senses, the concept of space and time.
  2. Alpha . This state is typical for meditation and using intuition.
  3. Theta . At this level, a person is in a deeper sleep, for example, during prolonged meditation and using various extrasensory techniques.
  4. Delta . This is a state of deep sleep and at this level the person is unconscious.

The Silva Method - the development of intuition

The parapsychologist describes intuition as a persistent belief that arises unconsciously and is inexplicable. This is an innate ability, designed to protect a person from various dangers. The development of intuition by the Silva method implies the performance of certain exercises that help a person learn to hear and correctly decipher information obtained from the subconscious.

Method Silva - "Glass of water"

The presented technique is aimed at activating intuition to solve any issue. With regular practice, a person can easily recall all of his dreams, and in life there will be situations-clues that will help to understand which direction to move better. It is important not to lose sight of the little things in which the answer to the questions hides. The method of Jose Silva "Glass of Water" includes several steps:

  1. Before you go to bed, draw water into the glass. Close your eyes and lift them up a bit. Drink half of the liquid, pronouncing the following phrase to yourself.
  2. It is important to learn correctly, to formulate a question that should be positive, concrete and exclude the particle "not".
  3. After that, you can go to bed. In the morning drink the second part of the water, not forgetting to close and raise your eyes. Repeat the phrase above.

The Silva Method is a technique of "Three Fingers"

Parapsychologist offered a simple method for protecting against stress, which a person faces daily. If every day for 15 min. stay in the alpha level, then you can get good protection. You can also use the method of "Three fingers" by the method of Silva. It involves connecting the thumb, index and middle finger together. This serves as a kind of trigger for the effective work of the mind. Thanks to the simple method of Silva, a person keeps a cold head in stressful conditions. If there is time, use this scheme:

  1. Arrange in a comfortable position and reach the alpha level using any Silva method. For example, you can pronounce the word "relaxation" on each exhalation, until the state of relaxation is reached.
  2. Then fold your fingers. Speak mentally three times the proposed text.

Method Silva - "Find your soul mate"

There is a technique that single people can use to find the other half. To perform the Silva method exercise, you must follow the following instructions:

  1. First you need to go to the alpha level, for which you take a deep breath, while breathing mentally repeat and visualize the figure 3. Make three repetitions and pause between each one. Do the same with the number 2 and 1.
  2. Next, the Silva method, meditation for which has been described, implies the selection of a special program. For this, mentally say the following words.
  3. If everything is done correctly, then the awakening will happen by night or by morning by itself. After this, you need to say or read the prepared text in advance, in which the request for the meeting of a worthy companion of life should be laid. It is important to specify specific information: your own name, for what purpose you are looking for a person, a list of your own merits and qualities that a beloved should have, a description of places where you often visit, and where a long-awaited meeting can take place.
  4. Go to bed before the usual awakening. Do not doubt, soon in your life there will be a meeting.

Development of extrasensory abilities by the Silva method

All exercises proposed by the famous parapsychologist are aimed at developing intuition. Another technique that has the method of Silva - getting help from the other side, helps to establish a connection with the energy that is in the person. You need to meditate every day for 15 minutes. with a reverse account from 100 to 1. Having reached the necessary state, a person can meet his assistant, who is ready to share important information at any time.

Management of intelligence by the Silva method

There is a book with the same name, which provides information and exercises to manage your own mind for better control of your actions. It presents three simple techniques that are feasible for everyone:

  1. Positive thinking . The problem is that if negative thoughts arise, they should be replaced by positive ones.
  2. Concentration . Exercise by reason by the Silva method implies the ability to focus on one's own thoughts. To do this every day you need for 10-20 minutes. to perform the exercise contemplation: concentrating on one object.
  3. Visualization . Every day imagine yourself who you want to be or where you want to be. Draw pictures in your imagination as realistic as possible. The Silva method indicates that consciousness has the magnetic power to draw into life all that man desires.

Execution of desires by the method of Silva

The inventor of unique techniques asserts that each person can get what he wants, just by wishing for it. To fulfill their own desires , it is necessary to use such techniques:

  1. Love yourself . For visualization and affirmation to work, you need to feel worthy of a person. The Silva Method "Exercise by Reality" involves knowing and improving oneself.
  2. The power of thought . It is important to consolidate your desire in the subconscious, and it will look for favorable conditions for obtaining the desired.
  3. Gratitude . This technique is underestimated by many, but in fact, the more a person is grateful for what he has, the more successfully the circumstances develop around him.

Game "Hooks of Memory" - the Silva Method

Many people complain of a bad memory, but there is a simple exercise that can fix the situation and further develop the visualization abilities. Help from your subconscious method of Silva helps to get by using a simple principle, and for its better understanding, consider an example:

  1. It is necessary to write numbers from 1 to 10, and then, opposite each, indicate any word that the first will come to mind.
  2. To combine numbers and words, it is necessary to create in memory visual images, the so-called "memory hooks". For example, opposite the number 10, the word "orange" is written. The image for the number 10 can be hands, on which 10 fingers. As a result, seeing the number 10, a person uses such a visual image: an orange is in the hands, on which 10 fingers.
  3. Such associations are easily selected for any information that is difficult to remember.

The Silva Method - "Art of Commerce"

Another book that helps you learn how to use your thinking to achieve success in trading. The method proposed in it helps to study the psyche and direct the mind to the path to success. The art of trading by the method of Silva implies a constant work on oneself. Parapsychologist offers instructions that help to find a common language with consumers and cope with stressful situations, and he also describes the basic and current marketing practices.

The method of Jose Silva - reprogram yourself for money

To improve your financial situation, you need to learn to use the practice of auto-suggestion . The challenge is to change your own beliefs about money. Effective is the "Magnet for money" meditation, the Silva method offers its regular execution.

  1. Be in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a breath, and on exhalation relax your physical body. The next exhalation is the relaxation of the mind.
  2. Put aside all extraneous thoughts, feelings and negative. Pay attention to your pure mind.
  3. In the next stage, the Silva method involves representing the faces of 10 people who smile and give a positive. You need to do this alternately at the expense of three.
  4. Transfer yourself to a beautiful autumn forest, imagining yourself in it, feeling the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze. Imagine how among the leaves there is a bill. Take it in your hands and watch them turn golden. After that, all the money around begins to literally stick to the body, like a magnet. You can say different financial affirmations . At the end, repeat the phrase "I am a money magnet" several times.

Healing of the spirit and body by the method of Silva

There are simple techniques, how you can replace in your mind the triggers that cause illness. To do this, you need to use visualization . Sylva's method offers healing from various diseases. As an example, consider the healing of a patient with cancer:

  1. It is necessary to imagine how an enormous amount of energy charges by means of irradiation fights against bad cells.
  2. It should be visualized how the cancer cells become weak and they are replaced by healthy ones.
  3. It is important to draw pictures in imagination, how internal organs cleanse the body of deadly cells.

The Silva Method and Christianity

Many people practicing the presented methodology believe that it is on the same wavelength as Christianity and other true teachings. However, there are claims that the Silva method is a sect, since it is assumed that a person, being at the alpha level, is approaching the Higher Intellect, which does not mean God, therefore it is believed that this is a diabolical manifestation and has nothing to do with the Christian faith .