Funicamp in Andorra

Lost in the Eastern Pyrenees, the small Principality of Andorra is popular with tourists thanks to affordable shopping , Europe's largest thermal center , but ski resorts are more popular. One such attraction is the Funicamp cable car, the main functions of which are:

The bonus is that when climbing in the booth you can admire the beautiful views of the mountains .

How did it all start?

The history of Funikamp begins its narrative in 1998, when its construction began. The largest company in the industry Doppelmayr has prepared a draft of the future cable car. It should be noted that for this time this object was quite large and significant. The speed of the cabs reaches 25 km / h.

Interesting about Funicamp

The length of the Funikamp cable car in Andorra is 6 kilometers and is by far the most extensive in Europe. To overcome the path from start to finish, you need about 20 minutes. Time will fly by unnoticed, as the telecabin Funikamp is considered the most interesting lift. In shape and size, it resembles a small bus and can accommodate 24 people.

The Funikamp cable car is comfortable and interesting for skiers and tourists looking to enjoy the mountain scenery. And there is something to see. In some places it sharply soars upwards, and for a moment you are at the height of a bird's flight. The waiting time of the next cabin takes half a minute. With the help of the funicular it is possible to conquer the summit in 2,5 thousand meters.

Traveling to a note

Funikip meets visitors every day from 9.00 to 17.00 and represents 32 closed booths. In advance, purchase a Ski-pass card from the tour guide or your tour operator. In Andorra, a ski pass gives the opportunity to use any of the station lifts, it is a pity that every day the card can be used only once. Bonus when buying a ski pass at Funicamp is the opportunity to visit local museums and galleries.

On the top of Funikamp there is a rental of sports equipment, in addition tourists can dine at a local bistro or restaurant. Beginners skiers can be trained and only after it to begin the conquest of the route. Holidaymakers with children are waiting for a pleasant surprise - a children's room, in which you can accommodate children of different ages and not worry, for each there is an occupation to your liking.