Hair powder

Powder for hair - a relatively recently appeared, but already loved by many women cosmetology. There are several types of powder for hair, the features of which are discussed below.

Modeling powder for hair

This kind of powder for hair serves to give volume and for styling hair. That is, this powder can become an alternative to more familiar styling products - gels, lacquers, mousses, etc.

Styling hair with modeling powder is ideal for those who own straight, thin and smooth hair, which very poorly retain the structure and shape of the hairstyle. Also, the modeling powder is suitable for other types of hair, allowing you to create a variety of creative bulk hair styles.

This powder helps to achieve a significant amount of hair, and most importantly - the radical volume. Especially useful is this tool for those who wear short haircuts. In this case, the hair will look light and airy, without glued strands and a "greasy effect", since the powder is not noticeable and is not felt on the hair.

Another effect of powder for hair - giving matte and refreshing hair in between wash your head. Therefore, for hair prone to fat, the use of powder will solve many problems.

However, this means and drawbacks exist. For example, the dark hair can make the powder grayish shade. Also, after applying the powder, it can be difficult to comb the hair , and when washing it is necessary to soap the head at least 2 to 3 times.

How to use this powder for hair? Styling hair with modeling powder does not require special skills and a lot of time. Apply this tool only to dry hair. First, a little powder should be poured into the palm, then distributed on the hair - in the root zone and along the entire length. Next, with the help of a comb or just fingers, the shape of the hairstyle is modeled.

Colored powder for hair

Colored powder for hair will be an excellent solution for girls who like to experiment with hair color. The palette of colored powders is quite unusual and includes several shades of orange, pink, blue and violet. By dyeing the hair with this remedy, you can easily return to your own hair color, just by washing your hair. In this case, no harm to the hair will not be applied, in contrast to conventional hair dyes.

Colored powder for hair can be useful for a party or disco, especially if you want to surprise everyone with non-standard hair color and attract attention.

As a rule, the colored powder is applied not to all the hair, but only to individual strands. You can also paint only the ends of the hair or, for example, bangs. Applying colored powder is more convenient not with your fingers, but with a special pad that will distribute the product evenly.

Lightening (bleaching) powder for hair

Another type of powder for hair is used to lighten pigments (natural and artificial). It is quite aggressive with a very alkaline pH, which is mainly designed for professional use in salons. As a result of using a bleaching powder for the hair, it is possible to lighten the hair for 6 to 8 tones. And due to the content of special blue pigments you can achieve a shade without yellowness.

Before use, the clarifying powder for the hair is mixed in appropriate proportions with the oxidant. Next, the composition is applied to the hair and is aged for a certain time, after which it is washed off.

Once again, we emphasize that clarification with powder is a rather aggressive method, and if you use it inappropriately, there is a risk of damaging your hair. Therefore, it is better to entrust this procedure to a specialist.

Stamps for hair powder

The powder for hair is produced by many manufacturers of cosmetics for hair. Let's consider only some of them:

  1. Kevin Murphy is a colored powder for the hair from the author himself and the developer of the unique remedy.
  2. Osis - modeling powder for hair; provides the volume and shape of the hairstyle, but is suitable only for light hair, because on the dark is noticeable.
  3. Matrix - bleaching powder; a fast-acting agent that contains caring components for the hair.