How to teach a child to count to 10?

There are many techniques that tell how to teach a child to count to 10 and what benefits can be used for this. The most progressive is the one that allows the simultaneous use of visual and tactile memory, and is based on a game using the poetic form of instruction.

We count to 10 with the smallest children

For this, written figures are necessarily needed . It can be cubes or pictures with numbers. In addition, you need to learn simple quatrains and prepare the necessary toys or illustrations, which in the sense would fit the poems. For children, it is very important that the study of the account up to 10, in principle, like any class, be held unobtrusively and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Number 1

Quatrain: That's screaming, that's fun,

He is alone, and so much laughter.

Material: a clown.

Number 2

Quatrain: Two chick-babies

We climbed into the house from the shell.

Hand-made material: two chicken and shell.

Number 3

Quatrain: Three penguins sang in chorus,

An ice floe went by.

Material: three penguins and a piece of ice.

Number 4

Quatrain: Four cars on the rails rush -

They bring cubs to stay with the kids.

Material: four trailers and bears.

Number 5

Quatrain: Five juggler throws balls -

Not one has lost.

Hand-made material: five balls and a juggler.

Number 6

Quatrain: Six balls of air puff and I'll fly.

Now I'm Super-Vaska, fly, wherever I want.

Material: six balls and a kitten.

Number 7

Quatrain: Seven butterflies flutter over the collected bouquet.

A lamb comes to visit with a gift and a bouquet.

The handmade material: seven butterflies and lambs with a bouquet and a gift.

Number 8

Quatrain: Eight cubes of colored -

You can make a house of them.

Eight material: eight cubes.

Number 9

Quatrain: I collected nine leaves in a colorful bouquet.

I was exactly nine years old today.

A hand-made material: nine leaves, for example, a maple.

Number 10

Quatrain: I will give ten pink tulips to my mother,

And she will understand, of course, how I love her.

A handmade material: ten tulips.

How to teach a child a score of up to 10 using this technique?

  1. For children, it is very important that the score from 1 to 10 is studied gradually, beginning with the first digit, and in the correct order.
  2. Do not rush to start learning the next figure if the kid has not learned the previous material.
  3. Each time you say a number, show her picture, and then help her remember her, counting toys or objects in the picture.
  4. To learn the score to 10 will help games for children if you use toys. After all, cubes can be loaded into cars, and butterflies can flutter over their mother. The handmade material, if you do not have the appropriate toys, can be cut out of paper, or painted.

Show your imagination, and studying the account for you and your crumbs will turn into an unforgettable game and a sea of ​​positive emotions.