Developmental activities for children 5 years

The main activity of any child is a game. But closer to school it is time to prepare, which means that for children 5-7 years of development training is very necessary. So that they bring pleasure to the child, they need to be held in a playful form.

And is it necessary for a child to develop his studies?

Some parents, especially if their child does not attend a kindergarten, criticize all sorts of developmental games and activities, because for children 5 years, as they believe, such exercises are completely superfluous and the child should have a childhood, because the parents themselves somehow grew up without this.

But this attitude is wrong, because often, an adult who has not received the necessary basic knowledge in his childhood, who has not revealed his potential, has never found himself in his beloved cause in his entire life. And what can be sadder than to walk day after day to an unloved job.

Therefore, in order to give your child a good life start, it is necessary to conduct with him at home developmental activities for children of 5 years, the complex of which must necessarily include:

Charge or professional sports?

Children are very important not only mental, but also physical development, because only in such a tandem the mastering of new sciences will proceed harmoniously. It is not necessary to give the child to boxing or gymnastics at all. If the baby does not have a love for the sport, it is still necessary to perform morning exercises with him, consisting of elementary active movements.

The same goes for dancing. You can give the child to a circle of ballroom dances, provided that they will like him. But if this option does not work, you still need to develop a sense of rhythm, including fun music and dancing with him.


Molding, drawing, cutting out of colored paper, applique and many other activities are aimed not only at improving the motor skills of the fingers and their dexterity, but also on expanding the outlook, concepts of the world around.

If the child does not get modeling, then he will certainly find himself in another sphere, for example, in drawing. Fortunately, different types of this creativity is enough. This is drawing with a brush, a toothbrush with the help of paints, finger painting and so on.

Mathematics for children

To study boring and incomprehensible figures is not very fun. But it's quite another thing when the whole process is in the game. Nothing will interest a five-year-old child more than a game form of communication.

"More less". It will take several identical items (5 pcs.), Let it be counting sticks, cubes or parts from the designer. They lay out on the table in a row and ask the child to look carefully and remember what they saw. Then the kid closes his eyes, and the adult removes a few or adds. The child's task is to determine whether there are more or less items. A little later, when he learns the account, you can guess how many items there were. This game trains memory, introduces elementary mathematical terms and the simplest actions on addition and subtraction.

"Count the objects." On the table, five toys are laid out and the child's task is to count them, and then correctly place each corresponding figure under each.

"Scores". It is easy for children to remember the simplest examples of addition and subtraction using vivid wooden accounts.

Learning the letters

There are many modern techniques that teach children to read. Some of them suggest the beginning of studies in infancy, but most focus on 5-6 years. AT This age is best not to learn by heart all the letters of the alphabet in order, but first to study the main vowels, gradually adding consonants.

As soon as the child knows one consonant letter, it can already be combined into a syllable and practiced after-reading. It is important that such activities are regular.

Development of thinking

To expand the outlook, development of memory and attention, it is very useful to read a lot to the child, but not only fairy tales, but also children's encyclopedias corresponding to age. In addition, to train memory are very useful verses, memorization of which will favorably affect the first year of schooling.