How to make a waist thin?

A thin waist, even if you have extra pounds, makes any girl irresistible. Important are not kilograms and centimeters, but proportions: if your waist is one third smaller than the hips and chest, you will look attractive and beautiful. However, this is very difficult, because the female body is inclined to accumulate fatty deposits in this area. Nevertheless, if you want to get an elegant figure and master the exercises to reduce the waist, the results will be excellent in 1-3 months.

The main mistakes, or how never to achieve an aspen waist

In their desire to find an elegant mill, girls often make mistakes, which only delay the achievement of the cherished goal. Before you try to reduce your waist at home, remember these simple rules that will allow you to cope with the task quickly and easily.

  1. Do not set unrealistic goals. Do not try to find on the Internet how to make a narrow waist for a week. No proposed method will work in this case. Take for granted that you have spoiled your figure for a long time, and at least 1 to 3 months of regular practice will be needed to restore it. In addition, if you have a broad-boned type of figure (wrist circumference more than 18 cm), probably a waist 60 centimeters - clearly not your ideal option. Let the difference between the waist and hips be about 30 cm - this is quite enough to look beautiful.
  2. Do not slope to the sides. Tilting to the side (the stance is straight, legs on the width of the shoulders, in one arm of the dumbbell, the other behind the head) is an exercise that is contraindicated for girls wanting to have a thin waist. This exercise helps to expand the waist by thickening the muscular framework and visually widens the waist.
  3. Do not give up aerobic exercise. Ironically, the most effective exercises for a thin waist are running, step-aerobics, active dancing and jumping rope. Wide waist is the result of fat deposits, and aerobic loads are the only effective way to remove fat deposits.
  4. Do not forget to control your diet. Many girls do not think that their food system, which led to the accumulation of extra inches at the waist, will continue to "work" in this direction, despite the exercises. If you reduce the caloric content of your diet or exclude fatty, fried and sweet foods, replacing them with fruits and vegetables, the results will be noticeable much faster.

Surely you are surprised at how to make a waist thin at home. Myths about what affects slimming waistline, often prevent girls from translating their dreams into reality.

How to make a waist thin: Exercises

Such a program, even if it looks somewhat non-standard, will make your waist thin much faster than other methods. The first and most important thing is food control: more fruits and vegetables, less dough, fatty, sweet and roasted foods!

The complex of exercises for the waist should include three main elements:

  1. Running, jogging or rope (every day, starting from 10 minutes, every day add a minute, until you reach 30-40 minutes). This helps to burn fat on the stomach.
  2. Exercises with a hoop for the waist (daily twist the hoop, preferably massage or weighted, 20-30 minutes a day, starting with the approaches for 3-5 minutes). It trains the side muscles of the press.
  3. Simple twisting (every other day). Lay down on the floor, legs together, straightened, hands behind head, elbows strictly in sides. Tear off the chest from the floor, while keeping the distance between the chin and the chest with a fist. Start with 3 approaches for 10-15 times, increase the load every week. This will help to find a beautiful belly.

Since it is quite easy to make the waist thin in this way, with the right control of the food, you will get obvious results already on the 3-4th week of regular classes.