How to use a breast pump?

After the birth of a child, especially if it is the first, many women face different difficulties. One of them is the need to express breast milk. Of course, this problem is not familiar to everyone, because today gynecologists and pediatricians unanimously assert that it is not necessary to express with well-adjusted lactation. However, no one is immune from unforeseen situations when you need to start using a breast pump.

When properly used, this device can significantly alleviate the life of a young mother. In particular, this applies to cases where the answer to the question of whether to use a breast pump is already obvious. Namely:

How to properly use the breast pump?

All breast pumps are divided into two types: manual and electric. Their principle of operation is largely identical, the only difference is that the former are activated by the action of hand power, the latter are powered by a power source. The choice of model depends on individual needs and financial possibilities.

As a rule, there are no difficulties with the use of electric breast pumps, everything is extremely simple here - the main thing is to carefully study the attached instructions. However, for such convenience you have to pay, because the electric models are not cheap.

Most often, questions arise about how to use a manual breast pump and whether it hurts. Using this device requires a woman with certain skills and skills. You can give preference to this model if the woman does not plan to express it all the time.

So, an approximate algorithm of actions, how to use a manual breast pump is as follows:

  1. First, prepare a container for expressed milk.
  2. Sterilize all parts of the breast pump and reassemble the structure.
  3. Stay as comfortable as possible and try to relax.
  4. Install the nozzle according to the instructions.
  5. Begin to make rhythmic movements by hand, adjusting the strength and intensity, depending on the sensations.
  6. If necessary, you can take breaks.
  7. After use, disassemble and wash all spare parts.

With proper use of the breast pump pain should not occur.

How to use a breast pump in the hospital?

Often the need for decontamination occurs even in the hospital, as milk comes a lot, and little can not eat all the strength. Many maternity hospitals are equipped with special breast pumps, so-called professional models, especially for such cases. A detailed briefing on how to use a breast pump in the hospital should be provided by medical personnel.