Hygienic lipstick - the rating of the best means and home prescription

Lips require no less care than the face, and this is helped by hygienic lipstick. Correctly selected cosmetics will protect against the harmful effects of negative external factors and improve the skin condition. It can be used not only by the fair sex, but also by men, and also by children.

What is hygienic lipstick used for?

This cosmetic product has a huge range of properties. It can have such an impact:

Depending on the purpose of the cosmetic product, there are such types of hygiene lipsticks:

Moisturizing Lipstick

This cosmetic product has a tremendous effect on the lips. It saturates them with life-giving moisture, which makes them look well-groomed. However, the result can be disappointing if such a tool is used out of season. When moisturizing hygiene lipstick is actively used in the winter, this leads to the fact that the desquamation of the lips is even more pronounced. In addition, the skin begins to crack. To avoid such disappointment, this cosmetic product should be used in the summer.

Nourishing Lipstick

At the heart of this remedy is an increased concentration of vitamins and other valuable elements. It is an ideal solution in the cold season, when the lips need protection from frosts and icy wind. There are cosmetic products in this series that are struggling with signs of aging. Properly selected hygienic lipstick provides the delicate skin with optimal care. However, in the hot season it is better to abandon it.


Such a cosmetic is considered to be the optimal solution. You can use it at any time of the year. In its composition lipstick lip balm contains herbal extracts, oils and vitamins. This hygiene product combines several functions simultaneously:

Lipstick from herpes

This remedy with healing effect contains special components. In its composition may be present aciclovir - an antiviral substance, the action of which enhances aroma oils and other medicinal components. It can be used for both prophylaxis and as a therapeutic agent. Hygienic lipstick from herpes effectively copes with viruses 1 and 2 types. It is used by adults and teenagers.

Lipstick from cheilitis

In people, this disease is called "zaedami." Heilit is accompanied by severe discomfort. It is difficult for a person to eat, talk. One of the means to combat cheilitis is lipstick. Such a medicinal product must contain beeswax or glycerin. A wonderful addition will be extracts of chamomile and sage.

How to choose a lipstick?

It is necessary to approach this issue with all seriousness. It is not necessary to rush to the first available option, because such an approach is fraught with serious consequences. Before choosing a hygienic lipstick, it is important to correctly determine the task assigned to it. If the skin is dry, you need a moisturizer, and if you crack on your lips, you can not do without a restoring and antiviral product.

In addition, hygienic lipstick should be selected taking into account the season:

  1. Summer - a period when the skin suffers from increased dryness and scorching sun. For this time of the year, moisturizing hygienic lipstick is needed. Preferably follows a remedy that has a suitable level of protection against ultraviolet radiation. The minimum recommended value is SPF15.
  2. Autumn is the period when the skin needs to be prepared for the winter weather. This will help lipstick-balms and nutrients.
  3. Winter is a serious test for the delicate skin of the lips. To low temperatures, icy wind is added and ultraviolet radiation with a mirror from the snow surface. For this reason, preference should be given to fat saturated balsams with a suitable SPF filter.
  4. Spring - a period when the body is experiencing an acute shortage of vitamins. This is reflected in the condition of the lips. More often in the spring there are jaundices , herpes and other problems. For this season, hygienic lipstick containing vitamins and extracts of medicinal herbs is best suited. The base should be natural wax.

Another important point in choosing a hygienic lipstick is the release date. If the product is overdue, you can not use it! The skin of the lips is very thin, so all components are quickly absorbed through it and penetrate into the blood. If an overdue lipstick is used, the risk of an allergic reaction is high. In this case, not only the lips, but also other parts of the face can suffer.

Composition of hygienic lipstick

To keep your lips healthy and beautiful, when you care for them you need to use quality cosmetics. In the composition of such products, the following components may be present:

Hygienic lipstick Panthenol in its composition contains such valuable components. However, there are substances whose presence is undesirable. These include the following components:

Hygienic lipstick - rating of the best

This means of lip care is produced by different brands.

Determine what is the best hygienic lipstick, this rating will help:

  1. Cosmetics brand Korres - the series is made on the basis of guava.
  2. Balm from La Rocherong> Posay - contains biolipids, which prevent flaking and excessive dryness of the skin of the lips.
  3. Lipstick Aqualia Thermal from Vichy - such a hygiene product is a real find when the lips are already worn.
  4. Balm Kanebo Mikan Chan - this product contains only natural ingredients.
  5. Lipstick "Doctor Nona" - contains a bio-organic complex. It is able to stimulate immunity and treat herpes.
  6. Children's hygiene lipstick "Morozko" - intensively nourishes and restores the skin of the lips.
  7. Products from Nivea - cosmetic products with various additives are produced. One hygienic lipstick from weathering, the other - moisturizes, and the third - provides intensive protection.
  8. Means Aevit - is intended for very dry lips.

How to make hygienic lipstick at home?

A hand-made product has several weighty advantages over a purchased one:

  1. It contains only natural ingredients. There are no harmful stabilizers and perfumes.
  2. Homemade product is cheaper.
  3. In the homemade product there are no components that can cause an allergic reaction (they are replaced by identical substances).

Hygienic lipstick with own hands

Ingredients :

Preparation, application

  1. Wax and cocoa butter are put on a water bath. When these components melt, the composition is enriched with jojoba oil and everything is mixed.
  2. The bottle for lipstick is placed in a container with cool water.
  3. In a lightly cooled composition, the essential oil is added and everything is again stirred.
  4. Fill the bottle with ¼ nutrient.
  5. Give hygienic lipstick a little to freeze. After that, fill the bottle to the top. Leave it in a vertical position for 10 minutes.
  6. Hygienic healing lipstick is ready. Cover the bottle with a lid and send it to the refrigerator.