Kitchen Andorra

When going on holiday in Andorra , do not forget to enjoy the delicious dishes of the local gastronomy. National cuisine of Andorra will give you a real holiday of the stomach. It is diverse, so every guest who has visited this country will find his most delicious dish.

What is Andorran cuisine?

Traditions of the national cuisine of Andorra were influenced by neighboring countries - Spain and France. In Andorra, there are many Catalans, so there are also many dishes that came from there. Favorite by many sausages butifarra - a savory appetizer, which local chefs serve as a separate dish or add to Andorran soup escudella.

Also, many people who come here are eager to try tupi cheese. It is a mix of milk, olive or anise oil and local alcohol. It is kept for about two months in ceramic ware, and it is recommended to eat with fresh bread, sherry and olives. Local craftsmen make it very tasty, but it costs less than in neighboring countries, so it is often followed by France and Spain.

There are a lot of different original sausages, so those who love meat will be able to enjoy them in full. Traditional Andorran dishes include sausages bringuera. Despite the fact that they are very common in Spain, the dish is considered local and is necessarily present on the Christmas table.

The love of meat in Andorra is immediately noticeable. But still, vegetarians will also be able to try the traditional escalivade, which is aubergines and other vegetables cooked on the grill.

What is it worth to try?

The cuisine of Andorra consists of many dishes, and you want to try everything. But there are the most popular dishes.

You can seduce you with a pre-cooked meat dish la parillada, which contains turkey, veal and pork, rabbit and sausages. Delicious snails in a spicy sauce are called a la llauna, and trinxat is a puree made from potatoes and cabbage. Serve it with bacon.

In the national cuisine of Andorra there is also a dish, which is borrowed from Italian cuisine. It reminds of lasagna, but it adds liver or trout. Another popular fried ribs of lamb, called xai (tea). And from the bacon, to which bread and vinegar with honey is added, it turns out a delicious dish agredolc.

In order to try this food, you need to visit the traditional bordas. This is the name of Andorran restaurants, in which chefs try to pass from generation to generation recipes for cooking traditional national dishes.

The most famous and even one of the best restaurants in Andorra is Borda Estevet, which is located in Andorra la Vella . If you are in La Massana , delicious national cuisine can be tasted at Borda de L'Avi and Borda Rauvert. For tourists who go to the Escaldes resort , we advise you to take a look at lunch or dinner at Bon Profit.

If you get to the north of the country, then immediately feel the influence of Italian cuisine. Here you can taste pasta and many types of cheese. Desserts also leave no one indifferent. For example, walutones is a peach stewed in wine. But how often have you tried this?

It is worth trying and the original leche frit, which are similar to fried patties. Inside there is a filling based on milk. In restaurants you can be offered redort - a cake, in which rum and lemon zest are added. Dessert is usually served with aromatic coffee.

Among the alcohol in Andorra are popular wines, mostly French and Spanish. And for those who like sweet alcohol, there are liqueurs - almond and cranberry.

Gastronomic Andorran Fairs

Gastronomic fairs are becoming more popular with tourists and local residents in Andorra. They usually present seasonal dishes, which are traditional in different principalities.

January is famous for the fact that in San Sebastian and San Antonio they celebrate Escudelles. During the holiday of the cook in a huge clay pot they prepare an escadel. This is a rich and thick Catalan soup, which is distinguished by a rather original serve. The expressed broth is seasoned with pasta, and vegetables and meat are served on a separate plate. Previously, this dish was considered everyday, but then it was forgotten. Now Andorran chefs revived him, and they became a traditional Christmas treat.

Right after the new year in La Massana, Lo Mondogo passes. This is another of the gastronomic festivals, which demonstrates the art of cooking pig pork.

In September, it is worth visiting the resort of Pal-Arinsal , where at this time the Fira de Bolet celebrates. This celebration is associated with the mushroom season, such an unusual mushroom fair.

In October, when the gifts of nature are collected, cooks in La Massana compete in gastronomic fights. November and May are marked by the fact that Andorra a Taula is held in all the restaurants of Andorra. This menu offer is at a price that is fixed, and priority is given to one of the seasonal products.

In Andorra you will find many cafes, bars and restaurants, where you can try national dishes at an affordable price. Often, lunch here can be much cheaper than in restaurants at hotels. In addition, such establishments tend to create an atmosphere of coziness, and they are very hospitable.