Transport in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the center of Europe and has a well-developed transport system. Travelers can safely move around the country. Intercity communication here is represented by airplanes, trains, buses and cars.

General information about transport in the Czech Republic

The country is not only a popular tourist destination, but also the main transit point of Europe. If we talk briefly about Czech transport, it should be said that it is notable for its accuracy, comfort and reliability, but the journey is quite expensive.

By the way, the authorities of the country took care not only of internal communication, but also of the international. You can get here by air or by modern avtobanam, also in the Czech Republic there is the possibility of using sea or river transport. Here ferries, cargo and passenger ships come.

Travel by plane

There are several international airports on the territory of the state. These include:

In the Czech Republic there is another airport , which is located in the city ​​of Ostrava and belongs to the Moravian-Silesian region. In general, domestic transportation is carried out here. Air harbors comply with all international norms and standards, and carriers for their customers offer loyalty programs.

Railway transport in the Czech Republic

One of the most popular ways of traveling through the country is railway transport. Trains have different speed of movement and cost, which depends on the level of comfort. For example, the fare in the second class will be $ 7, and the first - about $ 10.

By popular tourist destinations, trains leave every hour. In the country there are such types of railway transport as:

  1. Pendolino are new high-speed trains, which are indicated in the SuperCity or SC schedule. Travel to them is the most expensive.
  2. EuroCity and InterCity - comfortable and fast trains, corresponding to the international level. Passengers are provided with additional services and provide more comfortable services.
  3. Express and Rychlik are the fastest trains in the Czech Republic.
  4. Osobni are slow regional trains making stops at each station.

You can buy a railway ticket in tobacco and newspaper kiosks, in hotels and vending machines located in the metro. For passengers there are discounts (from 10% to 30%), if they purchase a travel document back and forth. The cost will also be lower on weekends.

Bus service

In the Czech Republic, bus transport is also quite developed, which consists of an extensive network of routes. There are both private (for example, Student Agency) and state carriers (IDOS). In many salons, passengers are offered to drink hot drinks, listen to the radio, watch a movie or use the wireless Internet.

You can buy a ticket for long-distance flight at the ticket office of the bus station or directly from the driver. The room is usually not indicated, so you can sit down at any place you like. By the way, buses run at night.


The average fare in a taxi in the Czech Republic is $ 0.9 per km, while the price often depends on the specific city. Travelers should know that they only need to sit down in the car that has the identification marks. The car is better to call in a special company, and not to catch on the street. In the country, the international service UBER is distributed.

Metro in the Czech Republic

This type of transport is available only in Prague, while it is very popular. The metropolitan is divided into 3 lines: red C, yellow B and green A. You can ride it every day from 05:00 to 24:00.

Travel by car

One of the most comfortable and convenient ways to travel around the Czech Republic is to rent a car . You will be able to stop at the places of your interest and make stops, focusing on personal preferences. Before choosing this type of transport, tourists should familiarize themselves with certain rules. These include:

If you are involved in an accident, you should notify the special patrol services only if there are victims, significant damage (over $ 4,500) or the car is rented. In other cases, drivers agree on their own on the spot.

You can rent a car at railway stations, airports or in official companies (for example, Czechocar, Rent Plus, Budget, Enterprise or other services). The average rental price is $ 40-45 per day, although the car is issued for several hours.

To rent a car, you need:

What do tourists need to know?

If you plan to travel in the Czech Republic by public transport for several days or even months, then it is more profitable for you to purchase a long subscription. It extends to buses, trams, subways, funiculars, etc., and its price ranges from $ 12 to $ 23. Students, as a rule, have a significant discount, which extends to students from other countries.

In public transport in the Czech Republic there are certain rules that must be observed not only by local residents, but also by travelers. The most important of them are: