Pal-Arinsal Resort is located in the western part of Andorra , near the town of La Massana. The resort is situated in a picturesque mountain valley and is closed by three ridges, so there is always a mild microclimate and an excellent snow cover.

The ski resort consists of two centers: Pal and Arinsal. The distance between them is 7 km, and recently they were combined by the Seturia ski lift. This resort is the closest to the capital of Andorra and the border with Spain. Pal-Arinsal in Andorra provides its visitors with many convenient trails for training, as well as challenging steep slopes for athletes. Here you can ride snowboard, mountain bikes, horses and quadracycles. Cannons of artificial snow will provide you with permanent snow cover even in the summer. Pal-Arinsal in Andorra is always at the forefront of travel agencies, because it is great for families with children .

Arinsal Center in Andorra

Ski holidays in Arinsal in Andorra is a great place for outdoor activities. Near the lower lift station there are hotels , restaurants and cafes. Arinsal has about 20 uncomplicated trails:

All the ski tracks were created as safely as possible. From the top to the very bottom, each track is enclosed by posts, and marking is also carried out. On the territory of Arinsal there is a medical center with highly qualified specialists. Visitors are monitored for safety with 250 cameras.

At the foot of the mountains in Arinsal is a well-known ski school, which employs about 100 instructors. For children of preschool age, a kindergarten was built, which also works on weekends.

In the center of Arinsal is the most popular disco of Andorra - SURF, where you can have a great rest after sports.

Center Pal

Pal is located in the nature park. This resort is suitable for athletes and skiers of medium training. From the center of Arinsal to Pal can be reached with the help of free of charge buses.

In this part of the resort, sports competitions and tournaments are often held, in which any visitor can take part. On the territory of Pal 27 tracks were created:

In general, the length of the snow slopes is 32 km. All of them are serviced by 12 lifts and are monitored by surveillance cameras. As in Arinsal, Pal has hotels, cozy cafes, a medical center, a kindergarten, and a snow park for children.

The road to Pal-Arinsal and the prices

The cost of holiday in Pal-Arinsal depends on the number of days of rest and the age of the visitor:

  1. For children (6-15 years) 1 day - 29 euros.
  2. Adult day (16-64 years) - 36 euros.
  3. 5 adult days - 160 euros, children - 115 euros.
  4. If you spend more than 6 days in the resort, the price for an adult will be 31 euros, and for a child, respectively 21.50.
  5. Children under 5 years, as well as the elderly over 70 - for free.
  6. Elderly people from 65 to 69 years - 15 euros per day.

You can get to Pal-Arinsal in Andorra by bus. Every two hours a shuttle bus departs from La Massana to the resort. The fare is 1.5 euros.