Liam Payne dismissed the rumor of a wedding with Cheryl Cole

Relations between 23-year-old Liam Payne and 33-year-old singer Cheryl Cole are developing very rapidly. After it became known that young people meet journalists do not take their eyes off them. So, for example, about six months ago it was the paparazzi, who photographed Cheryl, dismissed the rumor that the performer was pregnant. As a result, they were right, because in March of this year Pein and Cole were born first-born. After the news the fans survived, today another verbal boom broke out, which was provoked by Liam after his next interview.

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole

TV interview SiriusXM Studios

A few days ago, ex-soloist of the singing group One Direction Payne got on the transfer of SiriusXM Studios, in which he told a little about himself and his plans for the future. However, this was not the most interesting, and his words about the baby and Cole, who stayed in the UK:

"I adore Los Angeles and enjoy it to the fullest. I love everything here: streets, hamburgers, entertainment .... While my wife and child are at home, I live these wonderful moments alone. "

These words provoked an unprecedented interest among Liam's fans, because for them the talk and the possible marriage of their pet and Cheryl have always been painful. Disputes about the so-called "wedding" ceased after one of the foreign publications published an interview with a certain insider, which contained the following words:

"You do not need to make tragedy out of the artist's words. Liam is still not married. In his conversation he used British slang, in which it is customary to use the word "wife" to those girls with whom you live and build a family home. Although, I would not be surprised if Cheryl and Liam really soon get married. "
Liam Payne
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Payne loves her girlfriend very much

Acquaintance of young people happened in the distant 2010. Then Liam was elected to the One Direction group, and Cheryl was the judge at the X-factor contest, where all these actions took place. Soon the press began to write about the fact that Cole and Payne were colleagues and friends. The first information about the affection of young people was announced in February 2016, when Liam and Cheryl began to appear in public together. In an interview with Rollacoaster, Payne about Cole said these words:

"It seems to me that I'm dreaming. And this is an amazing dream! I was very lucky that Cheryl became my girlfriend. She is a perfection that can boast of unearthly beauty and a very kind nature. Cheryl I liked at first sight and as soon as we met, I immediately decided that this woman would be mine. She became my dream. Cheryl - ace of trumps, which I fell on fate. "
Cheryl Cole