Post-report of the event "BECOME A MAN WITH STARS" - Yoga and Body Balance

Reebok is calling everyone interested in fitness classes! You can and should improve yourself and always and everywhere. Our motto is Gym is everywhere! Train where you want and whenever you want! Change your ideas about fitness!

Our best coaches will help you in this together with famous Russian movie, music and show business stars who share our idea that true success is impossible without physical, spiritual and mental improvement.

July 26 at the beach "Beryozy Park" in Strogino held a regular event in the framework of the project "Reebok BECOME A MAN WITH THE STARS".

Dmitry Gavrilov and Yevgenia Silina - national trainers of LES MILLS programs and leading teachers of World Class clubs conducted a master class called Body Balance.

This is one of the few exercises that allows you to simultaneously stretch, and strengthen muscles, and calm nerves. Body Balance also allows you to get a tangible training effect for any newcomer. Combination of movements from kinesiotherapy, yoga, pilates and stretching. All the work is done standing and lying on the rug under beautiful calm music at a moderate pace. Tele-leading Aurora and Anastasia Smirnova , as well as singer Yulia Kovalchuk in their practice could be convinced of this, sitting on the rugs for training in the forefront! Wonderful warm weather and a summer sunset on the shore of Stroginskaya floodplain have created a truly unique atmosphere for the occupation.

The second hour of training for our participants was conducted by Sergey Litau , the founder of the Federation of yoga, and today is one of the most popular yoga teachers in Moscow.

Master training in Hatha Yoga - the method most suitable for collective master classes, it is physiological, pragmatic, without superfluous metaphysics and words - everything is reduced to a balanced gymnastic system. It helps to bring into harmony the opposite principles existing in a person. One of the main goals of Hatha Yoga is to bring the body to a state of full health so that it does not burden the person in search of higher truths. The singer Nadezhda Ruchka and the top model Maria Minogarova joined the class on Hatha Yoga. TV hosts Julia Kovalchuk and Anastasia Smirnov so captivated the process that they stayed for the second hour of classes.

After training, the stars shared their impressions with journalists and organizers. Nadezhda Hand , who first discovered the practice of yoga, experienced a lot of new impressions and said that she would most likely continue to practice yoga in the future.

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