Progesterone in food

The hormone progesterone is one of the main female sex hormones. Most often it is called the hormone of pregnancy, because it allows you to successfully bear the fetus. In addition, progesterone increases appetite, improves mood and promotes the accumulation of fats in the female body.

Everyone knows that progesterone is produced in the human body, namely, in the ovaries. Often there is a need to raise the level of progesterone in the female body. In this case, you should not rush with pills, since you can get progesterone in food. Consider that the progesterone in which foods is contained in the maximum amount, so that a woman could choose - to drink progesterone in a synthetic form or to raise its level in a natural way.

Products containing progesterone

Progesterone is found in foods and herbs. Below is a list of such products:

Products that increase progesterone will help quickly and effectively correct the hormonal background. However, it is important to remember that progesterone is lowered if the level of estrogen is elevated. Estrogen, in turn, is found in coffee, broccoli, soy, meat, animal fat. Therefore, the use of these products is important to abandon, if the task is to increase the level of progesterone. To increase the level of progesterone is also effective, vitamin E, which is contained in a huge amount in ordinary vegetable oil.

Progesterone in foods is absorbed quickly and completely. Traditional medicine recommends the use of fruit prutyanika for an effective increase in progesterone. They are also effective: meadow chamber, cuff, Goose's goatee. Remember only that you can not take herbal phytohormones with synthetic hormones.

Products that increase progesterone in women

So, progesterone in women can be increased with the help of berries, herbs, fruits, seeds and nuts. Actively eat these foods should be throughout the entire cycle, but maximum - in the second half, when progesterone may be needed by the baby. Knowing which products contain progesterone, you can avoid taking medications or reduce their dosage to the maximum safe. This is important because progesterone in tablets threatens with serious side effects.