Excretion from the mammary glands causes

The discharge from the chest is due to the physiological structure and the main purpose of the organ. However, this concerns only the allocation of milk and colostrum from the mammary glands immediately before the birth and lactation.

In all other cases, the appearance of excreta, regardless of their color and nature, should be a weighty argument to visit a mammologist.

Color and consistency, as well as other accompanying discharge of fluids from the breast, symptoms, indicates pathological processes.

Why there is a discharge from the mammary glands?

To determine the exact cause of the secretions from the breast, an examination of the specialist and a comprehensive examination, which consists of mammography, ultrasound, biopsy (if the formation is found), doktografii, a detailed analysis of the blood and determination of the hormonal background is necessary. After that, the mammologist can make the final diagnosis.

Among the most common diseases, the clinical manifestation of which can be secretion of the secretion from the breast, are:

  1. Galactorrhea . Thus there are light dairy, or in some cases yellow and brownish discharge from the mammary gland, of a permanent character. Most often, the cause of galactorrhea is a hormonal factor, or a pituitary tumor.
  2. Ectasia of milk ducts. In other words, the inflammation of the milk duct, manifests itself in the form of thick and glutinous secretions from the mammary gland of a green or black color.
  3. Intra-flow papilloma . A characteristic manifestation of this formation are spotting from the breast. To define a tumor it is possible at a palpation or by means of US.
  4. A very common complication of the postpartum period is mastitis. It is accompanied by purulent green secretions from the breast, pain syndrome, swelling, redness of the skin in the affected area, general malaise, fever.
  5. Often after a trauma, clear or bloody discharge from the mammary gland is observed.
  6. Discharge from the breast is a common sign of developing fibrocystic mastopathy, which arose on the background of hormonal imbalance, and many other accompanying factors.
  7. With sudden discharge (more often bloody) discharge from the breast, the first thing is to refute or confirm the malignant formation, since in this case it is important to start treatment on time.

In addition to the pathological conditions listed above, there are cases when the excretion of fluid from the breast is considered the norm due to physiological characteristics.