Review of the book "Dreaming is not harmful" (Barbara Cher)

I'll start, perhaps, with the most important thing. The book "Dreaming is not harmful" was brought to me very opportunely, at that time, when it is necessary to make a choice: to go further, long trampled and familiar path, or to start all over again, and try something that I always dreamed about but did not dare to do. It was this book that made it possible to forget about prejudices, and to gain self-confidence in order to start living the way you want to, regardless of how your relatives and relatives react. After all, parents often want from us not quite what we want. Since childhood, we have been told that our dreams are something frivolous, and we need to do the "right", "serious" deeds, in their opinion. But you can easily live someone else's life.

The book "Dreaming is not harmful," the author of Barbara Cher, makes you look at all these questions from the other side. The author believes that what we want is exactly what we need, and nothing else. It would seem - much easier, because everything is logical. But I'm sure not every one of us does this. After all, not every one of us wakes up every morning, rejoicing in a new day, and not everyone likes what he does every day. So, it's time to change something, do not be afraid of something new, but try to realize your cherished dream.

In the pages of this book, the author describes in detail how to learn not to be ashamed of your dream, but to respect it. After all, the cherished dream reflects our essence, it consists of information about who we really are and who we can become in the future.

This book helped me understand how to realize my dreams, how to achieve my goals, and also with its help, I finally determined my strengths. I'm sure this book will help many people find their hidden talents, and help make real changes in their lives for the better! I recommend reading to everyone, regardless of age, sex, and religion!

Andrew, content manager